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Fogg Newsletter December 2016

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Dear Blog

If we had to sum up the year 2016 here in Shell, it would be with one word, CHILI. In January of this year a conversation began among the leaders of Community Development. This discussion centered around the possibility of beginning a missionary training center  in our little town. The purpose of the center would be to train individuals for 6 months, form them into a team and then send them to a closed country for 18 months to work with a local partner on the ground.

This was a very large vision with very little detail but as the dialogue continued, concepts were written down and details began to emerge.  A name was given to this phantom center; CHILI , an acronym for Community Health Intercultural Learning Initiative. Armed with a vision and name, Eric and Wim began the very necessary process of locating a place to have this training center and recruit students.

With the help of a two teams from the USA, a hardworking local contractor, overall direction from Eric and much sweat, the termite eaten apartment located on the second floor of the Community Development Office was transformed  into a modern training facility. To be honest, it wasn't quite finished when the students arrived in September but we thought it was a great way to teach flexibility right from the beginning!
Within a few weeks of seeking students, the Lord guided 5 young people to apply to the program and all of them were able to raise the necessary funds in time. Next came hours and hours of brainstorming. What types of classes would be offered?  Who would teach them?  What would the overall purpose of the classes be?  Where would these 5 students live?  Many times it seemed overwhelming, especially when water projects needed to continue and 2 interns arrived for 10 weeks over the summer- yet with hard work, some sleepless nights and much prayer , we now have 5 new neighbors. They have been here for 2 months and will move to their new location in early March.
So after all of that preparation, what does it look like to be CHILI student?  Each day begins with a Bible Study, devotional or prayer time before classes begin for the day. Some classes are theology based, others focus on team building, while others are very practical in nature, like changing a tire or killing and preparing a chicken for lunch. We've made pottery from river mud and learned each others stress modes and best working environment from the Grip-Birkman assessment.  Many of the classes are taught by local missionaries, including both of us. Those outside of the local community teach via live internet in their areas of interest. A few teachers have flown in to teach in their expertise. Every third week the students head out to the jungle to assist in local communities with their water projects and practice what they have learned.
These 5 young people are energetic, seeking how the Lord wants to use them and excited about these next several months. We look forward to see how the Lord will use them here and in their next location.

Family News

Our oldest, Adrianne, graduated with honors in May from The Potters School, an online Christian Academy that she had attended for the past 4 years. She returned to Holland to work this summer and prepare for Hillsdale College, where she has just completed mid-terms and is enjoying the experience immensely. We miss her dearly. There is  a LOT of testosterone in the house now but are so happy that she is transitioning well and has found friends and mentors.

Kevin continues with his studies online as a junior and also returned to Holland this summer to get his driver's license and work. Joshua is mid-way through his last year at Nate Saint School. He enjoys a variety of sports as well as making up puns. In his words, "He's really punny". Jacob enjoys his class of 4 students, participates in a community art class and spends hours riding his bike.

  This summer we returned to Holland for a few weeks to spend time with Eric's mom who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in March.  After several weeks of alternative treatment we are thrilled to announce that most of her tumors are gone or are continuing to shrink.

 Eric is occupied with teaching classes, mentoring the CHILI students and leading water projects while Renee continues to provide therapy at the orphanage, mentor 2 of the students and teach English to a young lady here in town.

Prayer & Praises

  • Pray for the 5 CHILI students as they prepare to enter a closed country.
  • Pray for additional staff in the Shell office. We need help in administration as well as project leaders.
  • Pray for strength in our marriage and wisdom as we parent.
  • Pray for Adrianne as she finishes her first semester in college.
  • Praise for new vision within the Community Development office.
  • Praise for health.
  • Praise for opportunities to minister to the local people through water, CHILI and the orphanage.


We continue to be so thankful for our monthly, quarterly and year end supporters. It is a blessing to see God provide for our every  need. Each year we come out "just right." If the Lord leads consider partnering with us as we seek to do His will in Ecuador.  One way to directly affect the lives of local missionaries is to give to our missionary school.

Orphanage Update

5 years later and I still feel a burst of joy when I enter the doors of Casa de Fe.  Each day brings with it something new, whether it be a challenge or an infant's first smile. I can't help but think how grateful I am to be a part of these little lives.  We now house around 55 children. About half of them are waiting to be declared adoptable while the others are working toward reinsertion with their family members. I currently have 2 helpers and this allows me to work more with the CHILI students and  spend more time at home investing in our children.
Partner with us as we train the next generation of missionaries at Nate Saint Memorial School. For every $50.00 donated to the Nate Saint Memorial School before the end of this year we will send you a PDF copy of our 50th Anniversary cookbook filled with recipes from over 4 decades of missionaries.
Send a check to:
Reach Beyond
P.O. Box 39800
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9800
Note in the memo line :
"Nate Saint Memorial School "
Our mailing address is:
Reach Beyond     P.O. Box 39800    Colorado Springs, CO 80949

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Monday, January 11, 2016


At the end of last year (11 days ago) I felt as if the Lord said,  "Are you willing to get messy?"

The "messy" part did not mean, dirty per se but more like, "Are you willing to get involved in situations that make you uncomfortable?"   I had to pause and really think about that- after living here for 4 years we have seen a lot and have had more than our fair share of mishaps whether they be cultural mistakes or language blunders or being the only tall white North American in a group of 100 people.  Those situations can be uncomfortable - but again I felt that He was asking me for more.

I said yes, hesitantly, anticipating that situations would arise throughout the year - NOT anticipating that the first situation would arise within hours.

January 1 - I meet a young single mom, we'll call her "Jae" of a 2 year old. She is sobbing- having been told that she has inoperable brain cancer and will only live for 2 months.  Her father and step-mother had kicked her out of the house and currently she was living with a woman who told her that she needed to find a home for her son before she died and that she was no longer welcome to stay with her until she gave up her son.  How to best help? Praise the Lord for Quichua friends who are willing to help us truly understand the culture and how to proceed.  A place is secured for her and her son to stay in short term while we figure out what to do.

January 2 - It is all a lie. Jae picks up some of her test results only to discover that her family lied to her.  She does not have cancer at all.  The documents that she was shown were from a distant cousin who does have cancer. Why??  Some people say the family wanted to receive government assistance.  Truly we don't know.  We are just praising the Lord that she has more time on this earth to care for her son.  

January 4- Jae and her son are able to fly out to her birth village near the Peruvian border to live with her grandmother. After her departure we discover that she has stolen several things from the home she was staying in.  Messy.

January 4 - Driving to the orphanage with a friend and we meet a van coming towards us that suddenly swerves to the opposite side of the road and we see someone "fall" out the passenger side. Heart beating, I race over there and discover I know this couple.  The husband runs from the drivers side, picks up his wife who is bleeding and whose shoes have disappeared and places her in the passenger seat and tries to shut the door before I can check on her.  I grab her and hug her tight and whisper in her ear, " Do you need help?"  She refuses help - she tells me she is just tired and fell out of the car.   Today I saw her again, bandaged up and again I asked,  "Do you need help?"  She, again refuses.   Messy.

January 5- Our car is hit while it is parked.  No notes left on the windshield.  We have a 'friend" come to pick the car up to fix it.  He brings the car back 3 days later, fixed but tells us that the previous owner lied to us and that the car had been in a bad accident that was not reported and many things are not up to factory standard.  Our friend leaves and we discover that he put a couple hundred kilometers on the car and used all the fuel in the 3 days that he had it.  Messy.

January 8 - We are celebrating the schools 50th anniversary and return home at 10:30 pm to discover that a very intoxicated young man broke into our neighbors house (who were gone for the weekend). Eric and a neighbor pin him to the ground while we wait for the police to arrive.  The police can not do anything as he has not stolen anything but as is common around here - they hit and kick him. Sickening to watch and  Messy.

January 10 - An 8 year old girl from "my"orphanage dies.  I worked with her for the past 4 years. She has been sick for a long time from bacterial meningitis. She was tube fed, blind and unable to care for herself in any manner. The hospital recently decided to up her seizure medicine without consulting her neurologist. The dosage was doubled. After two weeks of taking double doses the neurologist discovered it. It was too much for her heart - it stopped.  The hospital blames the caretakers at the orphanage.  Messy.

So much pain in this world.  So many broken people.  So much blame. Only Jesus.

It is January 11 - I'm going to a Julianna's funeral in a few minutes.  A young girl with no family  involvement but who is now running and eating and seeing heaven. That is not messy - that is redemption.

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