Monday, December 28, 2015

The Shift

So here we are, between the birthday of Jesus and a new year.  A new year always brings about questions for our family. "What should be our theme for 2016?"  (Respect)  "What changes will 2016 bring for our family?" (Our daughter will leave for college in the states) "What can we do to improve as a family?" (Yet unanswered)  "What is God calling us to do together and individually to make the most of our time here, in Ecuador and on earth?"  How can we better serve the local people and missionaries that we work with?"

Lots of questions- some have answers or partial answers and some don't.  Our job is to listen to the Lord's leading and be willing to change - that's that hard part.  So based on the last blog you may be asking what shifted or changed?   I would love to give you a very concise, direct answer but I don't have one.  Right now from all outside appearances our jobs are the same.  Yes, a couple of new opportunities have been added in, like volunteering a couple times per month to work with the teachers of the special needs school in a nearby town, but nothing completely outside of our previous scope.

Perhaps that is good as we know we need to  focus on these last few months with our daughter and anything outside the scope would distract us from that. As a parent we always wonder, "Is she ready?"  "Did we teach her enough?"  " Does she have the tools and know how to use the ones that she has?"   Those questions will be our focus over the next months.

While we are preparing her for what lies ahead we also will continue to prepare our hearts for what HE might be calling us to do or in some cases, not to do.  

So Happy New Year! 2016 awaits - what will you do with it?

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