Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not everything goes as planned

Well, pun intended,

I was out in a community called Kiim for the last 3 days and really it was an amazing time.  Kiim is located in the jungle and is really quite a body banging experience just to get there.  2 hours on the paved road, 2 hours on what should be a road if you could find it between the potholes and then a 1 hour walk on logs or in the mud to the community.
School kids learning to make guitars from balsa wood
Men replacing the 500 pound cement lid for the well

Digging the trench from the well to the water tower

Community waiting for the water to be turned on - nothing yet

Trench 1 meter deep and our tower in the background

The people were super excited that I arrived.  They were ready to work and were really focused.  They removed a 500 pound concrete lid by community power, cleaned the well and replaced it, dug 120 meters of trenches, connected the tubes from the well to the water tower and were very ready after 3 days of work (they have already been working on and off for nearly 8 months to get this far) and the moment of truth came to turn on the water.......

After testing the pump for 3 months with the solar panels here in Shell and bringing them to Kiim for final installation - the pump did NOT work.  I spent the next couple of hours with 20 people asking me questions while I was working about why it was not working.  It was 95 degrees, 95% humidity, and quite a tense moment for the people.  Nonetheless, I could not get it to run.

Looks like we have to go back next week, bring parts and repair it.  It really was one of those moments you would like to avoid.  Sometimes its hard to figure out why such things happen, but the Bible says that God uses everything to His good.  I am sure glad he does too.

Thanks for praying and supporting us in our work here.

Until God fixes the pump,


Sunday, October 12, 2014


On July 9 we had the special privilege of being part of our daughters baptism in a nearby river.  She and her best friend along with several other young people dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ publicly through  the immersion of baptism.  The river was not particularly deep nor did it have a strong current but our pastor, who is significantly shorter than Adrianne was concerned that he might not be able to get her back up after immersing her and she would float away.  She assured him that she could swim and would be fine! :)  What a blessing to be able to watch one's child take another step in their walk of faith.
Adrianne and Lydia before baptism.

Eric was able to be part of the baptism.

Lydia, her dad and Angel our pastor.


This past summer (I can't even believe I am writing past) we were able to work with 5 mission minded engineering students for 10 weeks.  It was an intense 10 weeks for us as well as for them.  7 of those 10 weeks were spent in various jungle or mountain communities while weekends were spent enjoying the beautiful country of Ecuador.

Kevin, Emily, Danielle and Sam . 4 of our 5 interns.

One of the communities in which the interns invested a great deal of time and energy was Wayusentsa.  This past week Wayusentsa celebrated the inauguration of their new water system after a year of working with Eric and his fellow water engineers, Wim and Martin.

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