Friday, April 4, 2014


Why is it that we rarely seem to be content with what we have?  I'm not referring to the size of our house or how many or the type of cars that we drive or even the clothing we own.  In this case I am talking about climate.

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading through Numbers and Deuteronomy and the 40 years that the Israelites spent in the desert.  I have to admit that I sometimes questioned and scoffed at the Israelites - I mean really?  How many times can a people group complain?  Do they never learn?  I'm hungry, I'm thirsty,  I want to go back.  Are you trying to kill us Moses?  Is God going to leave us out in this desert to die?

Well then I started to think about my attitude regarding all the rain that we have had recently and the resulting mold and mildew that go along with it. (We do live in the rainforest - but really?) It rained for days, weeks even with no sign of sun. It was getting a bit dreary to be sure (and smelly!).  So easy to fall into the grumbly mode.

Then - THE SUN!   Yes this past Monday we had SUN and not just a little bit - but a WHOLE lot of sun - to the point that I put outside every drawer, every shoe and almost every article of clothing we owned - just to get rid of the damp, musty smell.   AAHHHHH - glorious sun.  Well the glorious sun has continued throughout this week and it was grand.

Then - yesterday.....(dum dum dum dum.......).  I returned home from the orphanage smelling much like the little ones who I work with and are still in diapers and drooling- only to find out that we have no water - not a drop.  Hmmmmmm........   Handy (and handsome I might add) husband is in jungle, handy maintenance man is in jungle with husband.  What to do -  call neighbor man of course!

After an hour of investigation it was discovered that a road crew who had torn up the road broke the water pipe. The road crew broke it a MONTH AGO!   This whole time we along with 6 of our neighbors have been using water from a cistern that was being filled by the RAIN.  No rain for 5 days equals an empty cistern.

The road crew was off duty by the time the break was discovered and said they would fix it today - Not to be - perhaps Monday?  The urge to grumble was on the tip of my tongue but I was again reminded of the Israelites.  Rain, Sun, Manna, Water.   OK Lord - thank YOU for the rain and the sun AND the fact that we can go to our missions guesthouse and get filtered water to drink, take a short shower and fill up buckets with water to flush our toilets.

Our morning consisted of several trips back and forth with containers for drinking and containers to keep next the the toilet (I'm sorry but yellow can only mellow for so long!  :/   ).  What a blessing to have that available.   Then - yes another then- the storm clouds rolled in and my neighbor and I went to work -  Containers!  We need containers!  Buckets, garbage cans, pots, pans - you name it and we put it out to collect water.  Our daughter even put on her swimsuit and grabbed the soap and shampoo to shower outside - why not.....

So what is the lesson I'm trying to learn (again) - thankfulness - give thanks in all circumstances. (And it wouldn't hurt for me to put out a rain collection barrel so that I have a back up plan!)  :)

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  1. Glad! each time to be with you all, the family, in the Equadorian rain forest. Wish i could share it with old friend Imelda, last i saw her living in Brussels. The whole story a little like Elisha's pots and vases to be used to collect all the oil, that ran unti all the containers had been filled. 2 Kings 4 The old Israelites don't always get a fair deal from us modern day readers or writers. But even the jews in Jesus'day knew from God's Word and the prophets "that every vessel shall surely be filled". A great Promise. Yes, Lord do encourage us in our walk. You are Good, and these natural blessings are fun too. Mustn't stress, that 'd put me below the ground zero i determined for myself when i came to faith in Christ Jesus, the Son. The Zera Emeth that was already in Abraham's life. _Before an after. The watershed passed. Smile


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