Friday, March 7, 2014

Michigan - our 1st home.

Throughout the hospital closing process this past fall we were also in the midst of preparing to head back to Michigan after a 3 year absence as a family.   A file folder full of documents, a multitude of trips to various Government offices and a series of miracles allowed us to take our foster son, Jacob with us.

Prior to leaving our 2nd home (Shell) we had each of the kids make a list of things that they wanted to do and people they wanted to see while in MI.   The list was not as extensive as we thought it would be - but it did grow longer once we arrived!  On the list of things to do were: 
 1. Drink water from the faucet. (completed - everyday)
 2.. Flush toilet paper down the toilet. (yup - no problem there)
 3. Walk barefoot on carpet. (it felt great1)
 4. East sharp cheddar cheese and real Mexican food. (done - several times)
 5. Get my drivers permit. (all the boys wanted to do that too but only Adrianne was eligible)
 6. Play in the snow (we were blessed with 5 of our 6 weeks filled with snow)
 7. Ride on a motorcycle (Does a quad count - especially right before it sunk in the "almost" frozen pond?)
  8. Spend time with all the relatives and catch up with a few friends.
*We celebrated Joshua's 11th birthday while in Michigan.
* Kevin had a chance to hang out with his good friend Jamesohn - who literally grew 12 inches in 3 years!
 The boys received their Red Riders and got a little lesson from Uncle Ryan.
 Alpaca scarves for sale to raise money for Iwia a small jungle community without a clean water source.
 Snow!  Snow! Snow! - although we can see snow on top of the volcano from our house we had not felt and played in it for 3 years.

 Thanksgiving feast with all the relatives.
 Cousins night with ornament making, pedicures and movies.
 Had dinner with members from the last team that came down to visit us - they all wore their Ecuadorian leather hats and sweaters.

Christmas photos of the grandkids.
Unfortunately - Eric hurt his back while there and  could not stand up straight.  Jacob just had to mimic him.

Ready for the snow!

We had a surprise visit from Janae who lived with us in Ecuador for a month and flew up from Atlanta right before Christmas.

Jacob had a date with Grandpa jack - they went to Bob Evans.

We did a lot of baking!

The time literally flew by- we did not think we would be quite to busy and knew that we left several people "unvisited".  While in MI we home schooled the kids to keep them up to date with their classes which kept the days occupied along with various breakfast and lunch appointments, Drivers training classes for 3 weeks, picking up all those things that aren't available in Ecuador and un packing our 25 barrels that we left behind in storage.  We then had 2 garage sales and decreased of "must keeps" to 15 barrels. Nothing like having a garage sale in the dead of winter!

Evenings allowed for time to share what God is doing  down here with large groups of people, individual families and couples while eating of course!  With Christmas in full swing there was an         abundance of food everywhere- which was noted by Jacob who I am pretty sure ate is body weight in food everyday!

Overall we had a good if somewhat tiring time. It was good to feel loved and missed by so many and for those of you we did not get a chance to spend time with - we apologize. Lord willing, sooner rather than later we will return to our first home and see you then!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us all, God bless you and all the family of Christ Jesus. That all may learn to be convicted by God's Holy Spirit of what the Son came to bring. O DO KE O KA (classic Greek) He gave - to bear His Word His Spirit


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