Monday, February 10, 2014

Hospital closing

Again friends we have been negligent in our upkeep of our blog and for that we apologize.   So many things have happened since the last post that I can either skim over them or do several blogs to catch up. 

I have decided to do both- skim and pause occasionally to focus on something noteworthy.

The first BIG something is the closing of our mission hospital in Shell.  After over 50 years of service to the jungle community, Hospital Voz Andes del Oriente closed its doors as a full service hospital this past October and closed it doors for good at the end of the year. Reasons: some financial and some new government regulations and laws that make it more difficult for foreign doctors to practice medicine in Ecuador.

This was and continues to be a tough time for many.  With the closure of the hospital many employees lost their jobs. Several of them had worked at the hospital for over 20 years and spoke of the hospital as their second home.  This also eliminates our neighbors and friends.  You see, the hospital is in our front yard and many of the employees are our friends - we saw them everyday walking by the back door or enjoying cafecito (coffee break) with them at 10:30. It is now quiet when we walk by, no laughter, no smell of bread or coffee. Although we can still see our friends with some extra effort it is not the same.

Our primary healthcare was removed with the closing of the hospital as well. At one time or another 5 of the 6 of us used the hospital services.  For a small "on the edge of the jungle" hospital it provided excellent care- we will miss it and pray that a quality alternative will come to pass soon.

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