Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A child and a baby.

A few days ago Eric and I found ourselves sitting between a 16 year girl, her current caretaker and a young Christian Ecuadorian couple who are hoping to foster and then adopt the infant daughter of this 16 year old.

 This young girl, whom we will call, Anna gave birth one month ago to a beautiful, healthy daughter.  A daughter that she knew she could not care for. She opted to give the baby up for adoption.

Here is where it gets complicated. She is not of a legal age to make that decision. Her guardian can, however.  This is what necessitated the meeting. The guardian signs papers and the adoptive parents can then begin the process of obtaining legal fostership.

Anna sits with her head down, twiddling her thumbs. She does not look up nor speak.  The caretaker who is sitting next to her gives her story.   Anna's mother died when she was a small child.  Her father remarried - her stepmother did not want her so they sent her to live with her aunt and uncle.  Her uncle died when she was 10. Her aunt did not want her - she sent her away. That was 6 years ago. For 6 years Anna wondered from house to house in the jungle - no one wanted her. Remember the caretaker is telling this story - in - a - matter-of-fact- voice. No emotion - just facts. I am watching the face of Anna who has yet to lift her head- but I begin to see tears, I begin to see her lower lip protrude - it trembles.  Her caretaker continues...

10 months ago Anna is found in a nearby town, pregnant.  The father is a 30 year man who lives deep in the jungle- he does not want her either- nor does he want the baby.  This caretaker is found, a relative of a relative. She contacts Anna's biological father.  He does not want his daughter nor the baby either.  Anna is crying harder now - silently shaking.  The caretaker continues in her matter-of-fact voice.  I move to sit next to Anna, she leans in, curls up her legs and cries on my shoulder.

Anna is not capable of caring for her baby, she is an irresponsible child herself. She does not even know how to care for a dog much less change a diaper - the caretaker continues to give a long list of Anna's "deficiencies".  Anna continues to sob on my shoulder.  Eric, myself and the adoptive couple all have tears in our eyes.

Finally, mercifully, the caretaker stops her story.  The Christian Ecuadorian couple step in - May we spend time with you Anna? May we invest in your life? May we take you with us to church so that you can meet your Saviour who knows your suffering and can free you from your many past hurts? May we just love on you?   Anna lifts her head - just a little- for the first time. A quizzical look on her face..  The care taker begins to cry.

"Really" - her eyes plead
"Yes - really"
She nods slightly and wipes her tears  - we all wipe our tears.

We pray; for Anna's baby daughter, the adoptive couple, the process, but most of all we pray over Anna - to feel the love and protection of her heavenly father.

The tears are dried, hugs exchanged and yes, a small smile appears Anna's face.  I think - no I'm pretty positive- that she walked out with her head held a little higher.  Oh precious girl I can't wait to see your face when you come to the realization that you are a princess - princess of the KING!


  1. Renee - that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. thanks for sharing.

  2. very much liked the 08 September entry for the Wyausinsa outing or 'expedition,' good maturity or whatever it is called for a fifteen year old. Sorry if I forgot your name, _think it is Joshua, my apologies if i got it wrong, sounds like you are not missing out on the educational front 'Joshua' Smile
    Will i ever make it to the Congo RDC, i wonders before God's Throne. Sorry to the loving parents if i should have got things terribly wrong too.


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