Monday, June 24, 2013

End of the school year in photos.

Presidental fitness fun.

 End of the year school program.
 Joshua receiving the Spanish award.
 School choir.
 End of the year science presentation.
 Adrianne and her BFF, Lydia who graduated from 8th grade.
 End of the year pool party was too much for Jacob!
 Autographing T-shirts.
 Nate Saint school JUMP!
 Kevin saying good-bye to his good friend Joseph.
 Joshua saying good-bye to David who returned to South Korea.

 Saying good-bye to the Egberth family who returned to Sweden.
 Dance lessons in the kitchen.
 1 of 3 kittens that survived after mom abandoned them.
 Took a trip to the local zoo.

 This naughty monkey kept trying to steal our hats, earrings and backpacks.
 The officer had to climb the fence to retrieve Eric's hat which the monkey took off with.

 Baby monkey whose mom died.

 Our house guest was jumped on by the monkey!
 Kids working the week after school got out.

 Jacob hanging out with David and Ainsleigh at the school Olympics.
 Jump rope competition.
 Adrianne is apparently not impressed with Ryan's tattoo.
 Watching the Olympic games.
 Soccer shoot.

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