Sunday, June 23, 2013

1 team, 2 team, 3 team

 It all started about 6 weeks ago with the arrival of a great team from Nebraska.   The team was from the home church of one of the doctors.  Nine Jesus loving servants of God came with an incredible heart to serve here at the hospital.  Four of them, over the age of 63.

Team Nebraska

A job well done - a new roof area for the medical caravan truck
The list of projects included raising a roof for the arrival of the medical caravan truck from Quito, preparing sidewalks for concrete, installing new brakes on the old tractor, painting and remodeling the small houses for jungle guests who cannot afford housing and more.  They worked incredibly hard and finished the entire list! We had the pleasure of the team living right next door to our house and really had a great time interacting with them.  
Team Holland Christian in Papallacta
With barely enough time to prepare for the next arrival, we had 2 teams arrive at the same time.  The first team was a Spanish class from Holland Christian High School in Holland, Michigan.  11 students and 4 adults arrived in Quito,  had a couple of days of touring in Quito and arrived in Shell ready to go.  The team painted 1 mission house and part of another house located on the compound.  The paint was peeling off in sheets and in places was down to the bare brick so the work was appreciated.  If you would like to read more about the trip, please check out the blog they posted every day at:
 Please take time to read the last page with notes from the students about what God has showed them while they were here.

That needs paint!  Preparation is always the hard part
Our final team for the rest of the summer but not the rest of the year,  was a 21 person team from the home church of another missionary doctor. This team was from Waco, Texas.  This team took on the big project of painting the hospital and we knew the job could not be completed before they even started, but the goal was to get as far as possible.  They also took on the task of installing a store room for the LP gas tanks used by the hospital.  The painting crew was able to complete ½ of the outside of the hospital and nearly all of the courtyard area. 

Don't let him fall....
The rest of the crew was divided into a cement crew, metal crew and tube installation crew.  The crews were able to pour all of the required concrete, install nearly 500 feet of tubes, and cut all the metal for the grating.

It should be noted that the weather was less than stellar throughout the week both teams were here.  God provided just enough sun on Thursday morning to pour the concrete, and other than that it rained the entire time both teams were here.  What saved the painting project were the large overhangs on the buildings that allowed everyone to continue to work. 

We are thankful to those who came to serve and those who helped to fund them. We pray you continue to serve wherever God plants you.

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