Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kevin's hike

Today I was up at 5:30 am to go on a mountain hike with  my dad, my friend Dane, and his dad. The hike was up to the radio and radar stations at about 4,150 ft. We then drove to the beginning of the trail, and started hiking at around 5:45. The trail up to the station was about 3 miles and it took 45 minutes to walk up. On the way we saw the sunrise, a volcano, and a blanket of fog covering the city of Puyo. We arrived at the top at 6:30 and took lots of pictures of the landscape. We stayed up at the top for about 15 minutes, then started down because my friends dad had to get to work at the Hospital. We got to the bottom at 7:30 and went home for some breakfast. That is how I spent my Saturday morning.

 Sunrise over the Amazon jungle
 The city of Puyo blanketed with a layer of fog.
 El Altar - the snow-capped volcano to the southwest.

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  1. Hi Kevin!

    This sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing about your hike. I'm planning to show my students your pictures and share your journal entry during writing workshop tomorrow.

    Mrs. Perrien


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