Friday, April 5, 2013

A gift that keeps on crowing.

Eric just returned from a three day trip to a jungle community and as is customary the people of the village give gifts in exchange for the work and supplies donated in order to provide a clean water system.

In the past he has received sugar cane, yucca (a starchy root), papas chinas (a type of potato) and even once a parakeet.  This time they insisted on giving him a rooster.  Yes a rooster.  This rooster was given the name Andy and spent last night in a cage in our backyard.  This morning, "Andy" began his wake-up crow at 3:45am and as we did not arise to his crow - he continued until 7:45am, like clockwork - every 30 seconds.  This afternoon, "Andy" will be leaving for his new home, just down the street but far enough away to silence the 4 hour alarm. 

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