Sunday, April 28, 2013

At long last completion of the "fort".

New tree fort with chicken coop in front - note Joseph on 2nd floor in the tree!

Hello All,

With great expectations and lots of hard work, the boys and I have finished the new tree fort.  We would like to thank all of you who help with the boys fund raising.  The boys also did about 25 hours of community work each to help raise money.

We bought the materials, dried the wood, and installed the roof.  The boys spent days hand cutting and carrying materials from the surrounding jungle to make the post and roof structure.  We all had a great time and although we still lack a nice ladder, its done. 

Kevin and Joseph in the new tree fort

On a side note - not 1 week after completion, a tarantula moved onto the fort.  The kids were thrilled.  Everyone needs a pet tarantula.

Our new tarantula home on the fort
We put it all together with rope and drywall screws.  If you look closely you can see an extra floor the boys built over the tree fort from bamboo and rope.  It is very creative and works as a spy place.

Kevin and another missionary kid, Joseph slept in the fort last week and broke it in.  They put a tent inside of the fort to fend off the bugs. They had a great time.

I also included a couple of perspective pictures of the fort, the two chicken coops (we have 8 chickens now) and the house.  If you notice you can see a car in the picture.  Another missionary couple has left for 2 months and we are borrowing their car - its only been 5 days, but we have really been enjoying the freedom.  Might have to give serious thought to a car of our own.

Our home from the side - note chicken coops and new fort
Thank you for continuously praying and supporting us here.  Tree forts are not a necessity of life, but we are thrilled to be able to provide a place to play for the neighborhood kids.

Blessed to be a blessing,


Monday, April 15, 2013

Iniayawa receives water!

It’s been a while, but not for lack of interesting news items, just lack of time to blog them.  In reality I am not sure where the time has gone.  A couple of weeks ago we were blessed to host a team from Park Church in Holland, Michigan.
They assisted in the installation of water tanks in Iniayawa (a Shuar community in the jungle). It was a great success.  The team learned about as much from the community as they taught them.  It does not get better than that!  Everyone had a great time and despite the occasional stomach troubles, all went well.

 First trickle of water!

We were able to complete the water tower, install the new tanks and reinstall the pump that we thought was damaged.  We are eternally thankful that the pump tested well and only the electrical connections failed.  The community will still require two additional solar panels, but with God’s grace we will get to that later this year.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A gift that keeps on crowing.

Eric just returned from a three day trip to a jungle community and as is customary the people of the village give gifts in exchange for the work and supplies donated in order to provide a clean water system.

In the past he has received sugar cane, yucca (a starchy root), papas chinas (a type of potato) and even once a parakeet.  This time they insisted on giving him a rooster.  Yes a rooster.  This rooster was given the name Andy and spent last night in a cage in our backyard.  This morning, "Andy" began his wake-up crow at 3:45am and as we did not arise to his crow - he continued until 7:45am, like clockwork - every 30 seconds.  This afternoon, "Andy" will be leaving for his new home, just down the street but far enough away to silence the 4 hour alarm. 

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