Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Same time. Same place

Same time. Same place.  That phrase is usually said to a co-worker or friend and refers to a meeting or regularly scheduled event that you will be at next week or next month.

Today was a same time, same place day but I hope and pray that it does not occur again anytime soon.  Today we buried Ruth - another little friend from the orphanage.  She was buried right next to Santiago who we buried last week - same time, same place.

Ruth had Down's syndrome and along with that she had significant heart issues. Her surgery was scheduled for 2 weeks ago to fix her heart and thereby allow here to function without oxygen.  The surgery never happened as she ended up with pneumonia at the same time as little Santiago.  She fought the fight here on earth for one more week than her companion and now has joined him to play with Jesus.
Ruth's casket next to Santiago's burial site.  Santiago's flowers were still fresh.

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