Thursday, March 14, 2013

A home going

Last night around 9:00pm I received a call that informed me that my little friend from the orphanage, Santiago, had left this earth.  He is now running, laughing and eating by mouth for the first time.

Santiago was brought to the orphanage last summer by his grandmother who was concerned about his health as well as how his mother was reacting to Santiago. She was concerned for his safety.  At the time he was 4 months old.

He was born missing large portions of his brain - entire lobes to be more precise.  A diagnosis of Anencephaly One doctor said that children with this diagnosis would never respond to anything or anyone. If he survived his first year then "chances" were that he would live for a few years. Our goal, make it through that first year with as much help as we can give to allow him the opportunity to show God's great power.

He could not swallow his own secretions so a tube was placed through his nose into his stomach which allowed him to receive nutrients and gain much needed weight. He also received a respiratory treatment each day to help relieve some of the congestion created by his inability to swallow.

Santiago kept himself in a fetal position most of the time with his eyes searching to and fro, although he saw nothing. The visual portion of his brain was missing.  He cried when hungry or uncomfortable. He stopped fussing when held or rocked and if he was held close enough he sought out the heartbeat of the one holding him- evidence of God's great power.

Well , little Santiago met our goal. Last week he completed his first year on this earth. He spent his first birthday in the hospital fighting off pneumonia.

Today, at his funeral, the gospel message was given not once but three times by three different orphanage workers. 20 other children from the orphanage were there to hear it. Evidence of God's power through these messages could be seen on the faces of the children listening.  Santiago's life by earths standards was short and "non" productive to some, but I know differently. My life was touched and blessed by my little friend.

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  1. Good News! Xabere 'Uyes (arabic) Bonnes Nouvelles where i have reacted to your blog

    In Christ Jesus,


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