Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not so normal week.

This past week has been about the stuff that sitcoms are based on- and as with any GOOD sitcom we had to laugh about it (or I might have cried).

Life is just full of activity and we are trying to keep it all straight. I think what made it seem more chaotic than usual was coming off from a 2 day "getaway" weekend in order to celebrate our anniversary.  Peaceful,tranquil and unhurried described our stay at a nearby hotel. The neighbors graciously agreed to watch our kids for those two days and we were free to do as we pleased.

Sunday afternoon that came to a halt as we returned full force into parenting and our respective work roles.  During our tranquil weekend we had time to reflect on our family and parenting style and determine some goals and ways to improve over the next year.  The kids had given us some suggestions as well over the previous 3 weeks so we determined to put those improvements and goals into action when we returned. Ummmm - yeah.......

Sunday afternoon we returned to a feud amongst friends of our children, Monday we "rescued" two 6 week old kittens that were abandoned by the mother , Tuesday the neighbor dog attacked one of our chickens while we were at the vet as the kittens refused to eat (one of many trips this week) and we had to put him down. The dishwasher began to leak again all over the kitchen floor, the balusters in several lights stopped functioning,  our water filtration unit stopped working, a ball went through the door screen, our son received his two adjustable retainers to expand his mouth which has caused him no end of pain, our other son was diagnosed with ringworm and a different type of fungal infection, daughter was sick for several days and the youngest decided to assert the fact that he is now 2 years old!  It seemed that every traveling salesman stopped by our house as well - however it was always at 7:00am. Throughout this time we were also the "hangout" spot for 10 neighbor kids.

Tired does not begin to describe us this past Friday night but we had promised to take on 4 extra kids from the nearby orphanage for a few hours on Saturday and we kept that promise. The idea was to show the kids a "family" - most of them never having been part of a traditional family before.  We were chuckling as we went to pick up the kids because we felt anything but traditional and were not sure they would get an accurate or even complimentary picture of our chaotic family.  BUT everyone appeared to have a good time and there was a lot of laughter involved.  No, our family isn't the perfect model family and this week was more unusual than most weeks BUT the kids from the orphanage ran to hug us this morning so I guess the accumulation of the weeks events into the warm hugs of 4 kids made it all worth it!

By the way- the kittens are now eating and sleeping through the night and a FEW of the suggestions have been implemented. The ringworm and other fungus are responding to creams, the retainers aren't causing as much pain and our daughter is feeling better.  The household items that broke - well there is always next week!
                                                     Dusk and Dawn

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