Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our first hand dug well is a success!

I would like to present our first hand dug well in conjunction with Water4.  They have developed a creative and effective way to install wells in hard to reach locations.  Everything can be packed into duffle bags and hand carried into the area.

Jan 11-14 we installed a well for the little mountain community of Troje Grande south of Riobamba in Ecuador.  The community has about 800 people. This is not a new community for HCJB.  We installed a major water system about 12 years ago which is still working and we are pleased to announce that our latest project was also successful and will provide the ever increasing population with more clean water.

The hand drilling tower and our crew

Our first water from the hand dug well

The 4 person team from Water 4 arrived a few days early to acclimate to the elevation and to insure we had all the materials on hand.  Although the well was needed for a new part of the community, the main focus was on training the HCJB staff on the Water 4 drilling method.  12 people (mostly engineers from HCJB) attended the training along with 1 person from I-Tec and the Water4 team.  The community of Troje was amazing.  They were wonderful hosts, provided 3 rooms of the church to sleep in and fed all of us while we were there.

The well went in very smoothly and almost too easily.  Everyone was able to assist in the drilling of the well including about 4 people from the community that helped us nearly all of the time. 

Please pray for Water 4 as they are an amazing organization with a wonderful product to provide clean water to the people of the world.  Caleb, Alan, David and Jeremy were terrific trainers and we are grateful for their service to the Lord.

I wanted to thank you all for your continued prayers, love and support.  I would like to express my special appreciation to several people who gave a donation several months ago to allow make the training happen (you know who you are).  Thank you.

Blessed to be a blessing

Just a small sense of the beauty of Ecuador


  1. Hello Eric,
    Miriam game me your name and said you might be interested in the wells we dig in Panama. We just use a 4" auger to drill down to a max of 50' Here is a link that shows what we did.

  2. Hello,

    Yes, I am interested in talking to someone in Panama about wells.

    The main HCJB office was contacted by a group from the University of Mississippi about wells in Panama.

    It took some digging, but you came up about the topic in Panama.

    Please send you full name, contact information and Skype (if you have it) and If you are interested, I will get all that information to the guys at U of M.

    Hopefully we can all get connected for the glory of God.


    Eric -


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