Sunday, June 24, 2012

Olympics, fire and smoke (sounds better than kids playing with matches)

Well, its been too long since we posted a note, so I asked my kids to each write a post of something they have been doing.

This post is from Joshua, our 9 year old son.  Its in nearly his own words.

This topic was inspired by all the talk about the Olympic torch in London.

"Making Torches" by Joshua Fogg

One day, my brother and I wanted to make a fire and light our own torches.  The first thing we needed to do was to get some newspaper.  We went to the neighbors house to borrow some.  The neighbor had a pile two feet tall of newspaper, so we took it home to burn it.

I took one of the newspapers and rolled it up into a torch.  It was very fun. 

Kevin and Dad
Kevin (my brother) lit his torch on the first match.  I have only lit one match in my life.  Kevin put his torch against my torch and lit it.  They were on fire for two minutes.  I loved it.  We have already made more torches for tonight.


 Passing the torch

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