Monday, June 25, 2012

Building the dream tree house by Kevin Fogg

Tree House by Kevin Fogg

These next few weeks we (Jonny Umble, Joshua, and I) are going to build a tree house. We picked out a tree. The tree is about 50 ft. tall and 1.5 ft. in diameter. The branch that we are going to build on is about 25 feet of the ground. The bottom of the tree is where an ant trail is, so that is annoying, but we can work with it. 

Kevin (blue), Jonny (yellow), Joshua (white) and Eric (red) at the tree fort tree 

 We have a little wood, but not enough. I had the idea of earning money to raise the rest of the necessary materials. The materials needed are more wood, nails, hinges, and latches. We asked my dad if he had any jobs we could do to earn money.  It did not take very long for him to come up with some ideas.  The first job was cleaning gutters, that was dirty, but easy.  The next few were harder.  In the field next to our house there was a rock that always got in the way of the lawn mower and our games of Ultimate Frisbee. 

Just getting started removing the rock

 We took shovels and dug it up.  It was a lot bigger than we thought it was.  The ground around the rock was soft around the surface, but hard clay the rest of the way.  Placing boards all around and using them as levers, we rolled it, filled in underneath with dirt and rolled it back again.  It took us about 2 hours to complete the task.  Right before we were going to play Ultimate Frisbee, Dad put the rock on 4 boards and the 8 adults that came each picked up an end of a board and carried it to the edge of the field.


Our last two jobs were digging small ditches to direct rain water and removing extra plants from the garden by the house.  We took them out with shovels and we are going to try to sell the better plants.

Our idea is the have a tree house with 2 stories, but we don’t know if that is possible. The 1st floor is going to be totally closed in and the 2nd with just a railing. Were are going to have a rope ladder and a trap door to get in.  Today we bought the latch for the trap door.  We also bought locks so that only our team can come in. My Dad said it is going to cost more than a hundred dollars and take several weeks to build.  Hopefully this will be successful, and we hope to start soon.

Donations welcome!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Olympics, fire and smoke (sounds better than kids playing with matches)

Well, its been too long since we posted a note, so I asked my kids to each write a post of something they have been doing.

This post is from Joshua, our 9 year old son.  Its in nearly his own words.

This topic was inspired by all the talk about the Olympic torch in London.

"Making Torches" by Joshua Fogg

One day, my brother and I wanted to make a fire and light our own torches.  The first thing we needed to do was to get some newspaper.  We went to the neighbors house to borrow some.  The neighbor had a pile two feet tall of newspaper, so we took it home to burn it.

I took one of the newspapers and rolled it up into a torch.  It was very fun. 

Kevin and Dad
Kevin (my brother) lit his torch on the first match.  I have only lit one match in my life.  Kevin put his torch against my torch and lit it.  They were on fire for two minutes.  I loved it.  We have already made more torches for tonight.


 Passing the torch

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