Sunday, April 1, 2012

First funeral

Tomorrow is the first official day of spring break for our kids and tomorrow we will attend our first funeral here in Ecuador.

This morning one of the little boys (it is hard not to write "my" in place of the) who I worked with at the orphanage, died. He just stopped breathing. No warning, so sign of distress.

Logan was 20 months old. He was blind, partially deaf and was unable to swallow, requiring that he have a feeding tube. He also had very low muscle tone, so was unable to roll over, crawl or walk.

What Logan was able to do was smile and laugh. He loved to be held and have bubbles blown on his belly or on his neck. He loved to have his toes played with and feel the wind in his hair.

Logan was not a true orphan, he was placed at the orphanage by his mom a few months ago. She had been caring for him in the jungle, but as you can imagine it was becoming increasingly difficult as he was unable to nurse. This past Thursday his mom came to visit, as she tried to do every 3 weeks or so and she held and rocked him for several hours. What a blessing.

On Friday when I last saw him, he was turning his head from side to side and smiling- a smile that reached from ear to ear. I had never seen him do this before without stimulation of some sort. Perhaps he was seeing something that none of us could. Perhaps he knew his time here on earth was coming to an end. Perhaps he had a taste of being able to see, being able to run, being able to taste and swallow- perhaps he experienced a glimpse of heaven.

Logan 2010-2012. I will miss you!


  1. Eric and Renee ~
    Thank you for your blog.
    The news of Logan's death is so very sad. I don't think I met him on our visit. I thank God always for those of you who are there every day.
    My heart goes out to Logan's mother. Can you tell her I love her and that I feel her pain? (I, too, have lost a child).
    I know that Logan experienced the love of God through your hands. I believe his smile was that of pure peace and knowledge that Jesus was ready and waiting with open arms.
    Grief cannot be denied and for that I hold you closely.
    Praise God for Casa De Fe.

    Rae Holte

  2. what a witness _be blessed in this work, Eric and Renée. Look forward to meeting you in paradise, Logan!

  3. Eric and Renee
    Your work sounds difficult for the Lord, but doing it in the Lord gives Him Glory.
    I am posting here since you followed me on Twitter.
    Do you by any chance know Marcia Washburn? She was a guest on my show a year or so ago.
    Praying for the work you do.
    Be Blessed,
    The Sociable Homeschooler

  4. Logan is with the Lord now! He could not be in better hands!

  5. It was the critically ill child of close friends that finally caused me to surrender my stubborn human nature and begin to truly trust the Holy Spirit to direct my life. She eventually recovered, and my human nature has won a few battles, but I have grown stronger than ever in my faith and His resurrective power has been demonstrated in me in amazing ways. I am usually moved to tears daily by His amazing grace. God bless you and thank you for all you are and what you are doing as family and fellow ambassadors of our precious Lord. :-)

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  7. never had children ,but ,if i had2 bury 1,leave as is .TY

  8. Rest in Peace, little one....


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