Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unfair, Unjust, Unexplainable

Sometimes, life is just unfair, unjust and unexplainable. Having now been working at the orphanage here for 2 months, I am starting to hear the stories of the children who now call Casa de Fe their home. Yesterday, a mother of two of the boys at the orphanage came to visit. She wanted her boys back so they could be a family again. She has two older boys and is expecting her 5th child soon.

From a mom's perspective it is understandable to want your children back. We all make mistakes as parents and hers cost her her children. However we also know that God gives us second chances and third chances and fourth chances....... The director of the orphanage sat down with her to see if she had the proper paperwork to retrieve her children. She did not, and as it turns out her older 2 boys are not living with her either. They are living with a farmer, working long hours and not going to school. She will need to approach a judge in order to regain custody of her kids - we pray that the judge is just.

There are so many stories that could be told, stories that would make your stomach ache and your blood pressure rise and perhaps even make you angry - but I don't believe the telling of them would honor the Lord nor our new home country.

For now, know that the children under the care of Casa de Fe are being well taken care of and that the staff will continue to work on their behalf for justice and their safety.


  1. We will be praying for these children. We have many in Kenya. I am always amazed of how they have so little and yet are filled with such joy. May God's abundant grace and provision be yours. Bishop Gary Earls

  2. Following you here from Twitter.

    Bless you!

    May you have supernatural favor on your ministry.


  3. Love your site!

  4. Hello, you sent me a message to my Twitter account. I'm just letting you know I dropped by to say hello.

  5. It's amazing how kids with so little are so grateful...and happy with what they have.. and those with so much, aren't ... :/ #HorribleIrony ... hopefully those kids get what they deserve and end up in a happy home with a loving family.

  6. Another Twitter junkie checking in here! :)

    Am in missions myself and know some wonderful people in HCJB and in your country of service. Looking forward to reading and following your lives.

    God bless.
    (bt4jc and story4all on Twitter)

  7. will pray for the children!
    folled you on twitter to keep updated
    what you are doing is amazing!
    'PUSH' -Pray Until Something Happens!


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