Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unfair, Unjust, Unexplainable

Sometimes, life is just unfair, unjust and unexplainable. Having now been working at the orphanage here for 2 months, I am starting to hear the stories of the children who now call Casa de Fe their home. Yesterday, a mother of two of the boys at the orphanage came to visit. She wanted her boys back so they could be a family again. She has two older boys and is expecting her 5th child soon.

From a mom's perspective it is understandable to want your children back. We all make mistakes as parents and hers cost her her children. However we also know that God gives us second chances and third chances and fourth chances....... The director of the orphanage sat down with her to see if she had the proper paperwork to retrieve her children. She did not, and as it turns out her older 2 boys are not living with her either. They are living with a farmer, working long hours and not going to school. She will need to approach a judge in order to regain custody of her kids - we pray that the judge is just.

There are so many stories that could be told, stories that would make your stomach ache and your blood pressure rise and perhaps even make you angry - but I don't believe the telling of them would honor the Lord nor our new home country.

For now, know that the children under the care of Casa de Fe are being well taken care of and that the staff will continue to work on their behalf for justice and their safety.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cleaning, painting and a big fire

A 31 person work team came to Shell to pour themselves into the entire town. Everyone was from Concordia College in Minnesota.

The young people worked at Casa de Fe (a local orphanage), the Nate Saint School, shadowed doctors in the hospital, watched surgeries, and attacked the laundry room.

The laundry room was definitely in need of some work. As you can see in one of the pictures, the paint did not really need to be scraped off the ceiling - it was falling off.

The rest of the room was worn out and in need of restoration. The ladies removed everything, cleaned, washed, scraped, primed and painted the ceiling, walls and all the cabinets. It was a huge job and the paint fume smell was intense - but we got it done.

I would like the thank the people who rotated through the project to complete it. I do not know where we would be without your help.

Thank you for being used by God in this way, it was a real pleasure to work with you and get to hear so many of your stories. May God bless your studies and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

The team from Concordia College in Minnesota working on the hospital laundry room.

Other news: Our boys, along with the neighbor boys are in the process of building a large "fort" in the jungle and needed nails and other materials for their project. To help raise money for the fort, they all wanted jobs, so we worked in the maintenance area, cleaning. We picked up all scrap wood and piled it into a two large piles and had a huge fire. Everyone had a good time. The shop got clean, everyone smelled like smoke, the boys got paid in "nails" and scrap wood (as well as a little money) and believe it or not - it did not rain all day.

I would also like to thank our neighborhood kids (about 6) who all pitched in and helped.

Saturday cleaning at the hospital.

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