Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mighty the cat……

What a last couple of days we have had. This time its our own fault. After my mountain trip to Daldal I came back with two guinea pigs. From an American point of view, they were rescued from being eaten. From an Ecuadorian point of view, we want to keep food as pets.

Adrianne and "Pepi"

Kevin and "Bingo"

Anyway, we went to the maintenance shop to see if we could find a guinea house for them or make one. While looking around Adrianne and I heard a faint squeak. After a little investigation we found a newborn cat (less than 1 day old). He was very small and laying in the middle of the cement floor. He was dirty and cold. We rescued him.

Mighty the cat

As it turns out, it’s not that uncommon for ferell cats to have a litter, and if they cannot support all the kittens, they pick the small one and abandon it. This was our case.

We took the little guy home and Adrianne and I warmed him up, read all about orphaned kittens on the internet, made a homemade brew to feed the kitten, got a syringe and began the process. As it turns out, it’s a really lot of work. The kitten needs to be fed every 2 hours. To enhance the fun factor, cats cannot go to the bathroom on their own. For the next 10 weeks (if he lives that long) after feeding it, you need to rub it to make it go to the bathroom. Fun Stuff!

Anyway, the first night was really rough. Adrianne slept about 20 minutes and was constantly worried about the cat. She lacked the confidence to feed it alone, so I got up with her all night.

Renee was sick this whole time. Her stomach hurt and she spent the entire day in bed. For the next three days it was crazy. Renee was sick until Monday afternoon, Joshua got sick and vomited in his bed, the cat was always needing something and WOW!

To give some relief, the neighbor girl took the cat the next night, I watched it all day Monday and another family took it last night. We stopped by a local vet who said to buy a clock that makes noise. This is suppose to remind the cat of a heartbeat and sooth it. Needless to say, every clock we looked at to buy or borrow is digital. No sound. Nothing is easy.

We tried not to give it a name until we were able to determine if it was going to live, but we could not resist. He has earned it. Whether it’s because of temperature, food, love or attention – that little and I mean little cat makes himself known. We have named him Mighty.

All the neighbors with our new pets

.........The maintenance guys just found another kitten from the same mom, but it was dead when I got to it.

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