Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bugs, soccer, and more bugs

First the soccer: One should never play soccer with the locals and expect to win

It was a great attempt. Our team played soccer against the locals at IƱayu. It was a riot. People were playing in shoes, rubber boots and bare feet. The locals, mostly young men of 25 and less, made our guys looks really bad. They must have scored 4 times more goals than us. We even re-arranged the teams to make it more fair, but it helped very little. We had a great time.

Afterwards, we all went to the local river and swam. This village has a small waterfall at the end of the runway that is really quite nice. We enjoyed the evening temperatures and had a great swim.

Are you into bugs? If you are, this is the place for you. I tried to get pictures of every bug we ran across, but we missed a few. Large spiders that eat butterflies, Bull ants (very large). The picture is from Google as my picture did not have the scale of your hand to give it depth. These bite hard and can make you very sick for several days.

Bull ant (congo ant as called here) - Bad bug - they make you very sick for 2 days if they bite you

Grasshopper type thing

Walking stick (we also found a big one nearly a foot long, but I did not get a picture)

Friendly Spider

Large snail - they eat them sometimes

Butterfly eating spider

Cool caterpillar (sometimes eaten)

More bugs…. We had a very large tarantula in our room, saw several large caterpillars and the one we did not get a picture of was the walking stick. My boss, Martin, found a walking stick nearly a foot long.

Look this up on Google Images if you like.

On a more common front, we had an obnoxious chicken that would walk into our room in Washintza in the morning and crow like the sun would never come up. He was about to be our next dinner (we wanted him to be anyway). There were several dogs, that really needed help and one had had his leg bit off last week by a wild cow. Needless to say the owner of the dog shot the cow and ate him. Lastly were the ducks. Due to the high rainfall (300 inches a year in some places) and the constantly wet environment of the jungle, people have taken to raising ducks. Ducks are disease resistant, love the water, eat plants and are easy to care for. It was not something I would have thought of right away, but a great idea.

I had to reduce some pictures for our internet connection. If you would like an original, let me know.

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  1. Ants sting, not bite. :)

    It's the poison in their sting that causes a reaction. In your picture, you can see the whopper of a stinger that guy has. I definitely wouldn't want to get stung by one of those!


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