Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Yeahs and Yucks of goodbyes

The kids saying good-bye to their pet hamster- another student family is now taking care of him.

We have been very blessed to meet and make wonderful friends in Costa Rica over the course of the year. The down side is you have to say goodbye to each and every one of them. The process was both pleasant and painful. Our first day was with our friends Alejandro and Lorena. They took us to San Mateo to her aunt's farm and we spent the day there. No smoke, no noise, no schedule, no plan, no nothing. It was just what we needed after our 7 days since graduation.

The next two weeks were filled with lunches and dinners nearly everyday. In between we prepared and packed, fighting every pound along the way. We said goodbyes to our neighbors across the street, Maria and Rafael our good friends, had an extremely fun night with the pastors family, fellow students like the Richlines, Wilsons, Elaine and more. Each one was filled with hope and tears.

Part of our church family.

Adrianne and her friend Lauren.

Our friends -the Wheaton family

The Friday before Christmas was a party at our house with the Wilsons and Elaine. We had a nice dinner and played games on a hot and sunny day. Our first “hot” Christmas – very strange. We incorporated some of our family Christmas traditions as well.

Play date on Christmas Eve day - it was hot and sunny!

Last trip to the feria (farmers mkt.)

Shaking the wrapped cereal boxes -trying to guess the contents - a Fogg family tradition.

We had Christmas via Skype with the relatives and watched them open their gifts from afar. Not the same as being there, but way better than the phone. Technology is a great thing.

On Christmas Eve the kids tore their paper stocking that Sunshine had made off the wall and followed the clues to their gifts. Sunshine did a great job making memories of the transitional Christmas. Lastly we opened “snow in a can”. Elaine bought this for us. It was a white hard granular product that you added water to, to make snow. It was very fascinating. The powder (about 1 gram) expanded hundreds of times to make a product that looked amazingly like snow. It was damp and slippery and fun to touch. It looked a lot like the material inside a baby diaper, but smaller granules. We had a great time putting it under the paper tree Sunshine had made from posterboard.

Adrianne opening her "paper" stocking!

Making instant snow!

Playing with "snow" underneath our "tree".

I would like to thank each and every one of you who sent us an e-mail, prayed for us and kept us part of your Christmas from so far away.

Blessing to you all.


  1. We so enjoy reading your posts! God Bless! Jeremy, Sheila, Lauren, & Camille

  2. Blessings on you and your family as you begin the journey forward. Love the fake snow. ;)


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