Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well we knew it was inevitable, but it began. Our son Joshua is struggling with the very real “Yucks” of leaving behind friends from Costa Rica. Although everyone is excited to get a new home, it comes at a cost. This new home lacks a routine, new friends and we have not yet arrived in Shell. This part of the missionary life is impossible to get away from, but it does not make it any easier to deal with.

We are doing our best to meet the needs of the family with hugs, time, talking and more hugs. Arriving in our new location, settling in and meeting new friends will really help the process.

Can you say flexible?

We have been enjoying our time in Quito with our new friends the Weeks. We have had quite a busy schedule. We were suppose to go shopping Monday Jan 2, but the President at the last minute declared it a semi-holiday (you have to make up your vacation day), so we shopped where we could and bought some mattresses.

Tuesday was about the only day that went as planned. We had 6 hours of orientation and heard several seasoned missionaries tell what they “wished they knew when they arrived that they know now”. It was a good experience. That night Kevin was not feeling so good.

Wednesday is where things started to go off track. Kevin got sick with a high fever and I stayed home with him while Sunshine, Adrianne and Joshua spent all day with Shelly who graciously trucked the family around. The stores were crazy busy. Turns out the people get paid every 15 days and each Wednesday there is a discount at many stores. This Wednesday was the first Wednesday after a payday - after a holiday – it was REALLY busy!!! I sat at home and called many of my water ministry friends and checked in, got some prices on upcoming HCJB projects and attended to Kevin who steadily got worse all day.

Thursday was not in the schedule at all. We were supposed to go to our directors house for another day of orientation and in a way we did. The whole family went along (Kevin too) and by 10:00 am Kevin was very miserable. We called a doctor from HCJB and he made a house call when he went home for lunch. We had never had a house call by a doctor before – it was really nice. The doctor said it was not pneumonia, but it was not good. He made a appointment at the HCJB clinic for Kevin and 1 hour later Sunshine and Kevin were off. The three different doctors looked him over and started him on H1N1 flu virus medicine. They did not confirm the diagnosis, but gave it a very high chance that that was what is was. Thursday night, Sunshine and Kevin stayed in an upper guest room of our director in an effort to keep him away from the rest of the house. It was good, but it was a long night for all.

Friday was the day we were supposed the leave for Shell. That got moved to Monday. We ended up shopping for appliances and sofas. I should have taken pictures of the sofas available. The style is very modern and square – but the colors – WOW! The “in” colors are orange and lime green. Nearly every store had the same stuff with some variance. The prices were OK, but really nice stuff was outrageous. We even found a store that sold new furniture in the style of the 70’s. They had stuff you just had to smile at.

Most of the night Kevin’s cough was going strong and he could not sleep. We were told by the doctor that nearly all medicines are not effective with this cough. He said that in a study, straight honey was just as effective as nearly all medicines and he was right. Another plus was that it tastes good.

As of Saturday morning the schedule was altered again and we are now planning on leaving on Tuesday. I have left out the 25 other changes that have kept us on the move, but the family is handling them very very well. Our hosts have been amazing at adjusting and helping us to locate everything we need. What a blessing they have been.

I will keep you posted as life progresses – thank you for praying for our family through this time.

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