Monday, January 2, 2012

Superman and Tarzan – swinging in the trees

Our last blog left us in Monte Verde just about to go on a zip line tour. The company was 100% adventures (100% aventura)

and the day began in the cold rain with hanging bridges. There were 11 hanging bridges running through a young rain forest. The bridges were about 40 to 60 feet off the ground and the trip was very pretty. The bridges moved and swayed (mostly due to the kids jumping on them as they walked), but it was very nice. The bridges were not very scary, well constructed and not very high off the ground. We had a nice time. Of course the weather was not helping. After our 1 ½ hour tour we transferred to another location in the same company for the zip line tours. Again we almost did not do it due to weather. We were somewhat wet, cold and had to wait about an hour and a half for the zip line tour to start. The kids really wanted to do it, so we did.

None of us had ever done this before. The zip lines were really fun. The weather slowed to a drizzle and the fog was very thick. Despite about 40 people in our group, the process went rather quickly. The first 5 lines were less than 300 feet and in the upper canopy. There were lots of trees very close and you had a great view. This part of the tour completed with a 40 foot drop down a rappel to the ground.

The kids did amazing, I mean not just the fact that they were not afraid, but they were really excited to keep going. Somehow the cold and wet did not seem to matter anymore. The kids were really right about going on this one.

The next 6 lines were much longer with the longest being 720 meters (nearly half a mile). This was the most amazing part of the tour. The fog was so thick that each person zipped down the line and faded into nothing. While on the long lines you could neither see where you came from or where you were going too. Only a cable in front of you that faded into cloud infinity, very magical like.

The last cable had the option for you to lay down face down with two harnesses. One harness was around your chest and the other around your waist. You were set face down and sailed Superman style over a valley about 500 feet below, enveloped in cloud and flying along – no words can describe this part. Sunshine said it best, “it was like flying in the ultra-light, without the ultra-light”. But Wait!!! There’s more!!!

The final event was the Tarzan swing. This consists of two cables strung over the same valley the last zip line had passed over. You walked out on a bridge about 300 feet and stopped. The cables obviously keep going to the other side of the valley and on the way they hooked a rope. The rope came all the way back to you and it was like a big bag swing, only you were the bag. The guys hook rope to your harness, open the gate and you jump 50 feet down till the rope pulls tight and begins to swing you like a human rag doll. Let me tell you about Kevin.

Kevin was the first of our family to get a chance to make the jump. We were at the back of the line of the group and the last to jump. About ½ the group decided not to do it at all. We had watched about 20 people make the jump and the process was the same. Each person walked out one at a time, was hooked to the rope, the door opened, the guides held you by the back of your harness until you were ready to go and after a variety of waiting times, each person jumped (although we were sure at least 5 people were pushed by the guides). Not Kevin! They hooked him up, opened the gate and went reach for his harness to hold him until he decided what to do…. But he was gone. Not a fraction of a second later he had already jumped. In his words, “I figured that I might as well jump right away or I did not know when I would ever jump”.

Adrianne screamed on part of the ride and Sunshine decided to scream on purpose on the fall to let out the tension. Nothing. Turns out the stomach rising up into your brain prevents this from happening. I was last. How hard could it be, the kids and Sunshine had done it…Wow, it was a long way down – What a rush, biggest bag swing I have ever been on – you have got to do that if you ever get the chance.

The day ended without event as we left one day early and went back to San Jose to get warm and dry. This was one of the best days we had in Costa Rica hands down. Renee’s parents left after a week of the coldest, rainiest weather we had had in Costa Rica yet – her mom even purchased a fleece lined jacket to keep warm.


  1. what a great adventure! So glad you had the opportunity, and that Dar and Judy were there as well!

  2. That looks like tons of fun. What a memory you will have to tell future generations.


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