Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A shortage of photos

I know that blogs are nearly as interesting if there are no pictures to support the stories - however do to some technical difficulties, we have not been able to post photos of our first 2 weeks here in Shell. We hope to have that remedied soon.

Currently Eric is with 3 co-workers and 3 college students in the Amazon. He is expected to visit 2 different villages to repair a water system and take inventory of the needs of another village. At this time we are not able to contact him as normal communication systems do not work out there. For emergencies he does have a satellite phone. He has not used it - PTL.

The kids are fully engrossed in school, homework and playing with the neighborhood kids, a new experience as we lived on acreage in the states without close neighbors. They are loving the freedom to run around and everyday we have kids knocking on the door for them to come out and play. The rule is: if the front door is open then we can be disturbed. If closed, please try again later.

As for me, I will begin using some of "rusty" pediatric occupational therapy skills at the local orphanage this week as well as getting involved in a women's Bible study.

Our house is currently in maintenance mode as we are planning on moving into a nearby house in 5 weeks, so we do not want to invest in paint or hang things on the walls when we will just have to remove them and cover the holes in 5 weeks. It is amazing what a few posters and tape will do to brighten a room however. Eric has already fixed 2 termite ridden doors and unfortunately (nature of the jungle) I have 3 more waiting for him when he returns. Adrianne is excited that she has a bed and stand for her room (night #2 here she awoke to a 3 inch centipede crawling on her face) and the boys received their comforters from home via the college students who came down. Soon we hope to have a stand made for our mattress as well as the boys rooms and then a kitchen table. As they say in Spanish, poco a poco (little by little).

Expect to see a few photos soon!


  1. Sounds so exciting. Is Shell Ecuador the same place that Nate Saint and his family were stationed?

    I don't mind the shortage of photos, I love reading your blog. South America, especially Peru, has fascinated me for a long time. I really love hearing about mission work done on that beautiful and mysterious continent. Thank you for posting!

  2. Hola, Foggs! Though I don't comment much, I love reading about your adventures. I loved Eric's e-mail about the "special" food and drink in the jungle! I'll have to share that with my students! How are you doing with your Spanish in Ecuador? Is it pretty similar to the Spanish you learned in CR? How are the kids doing with the Spanish? You are in our prayers. -Amanda


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