Sunday, January 1, 2012

Graduation Surprise!

Wow! The next several blogs will bring you up to today. We have had so much happen that it’s hard to tell you about it all. Our lives have been too busy, but full of great stories, and lots of transition. Let’s start at graduation.

So Dec 9 was a great day. It was the first really sunny day in months as it had been raining and cold. The winter was finally coming to an end. We were all dressed up (a very, very rare condition for us) and we were off to school for our last day. We watched the kids final music program where Kevin played on the hand bell team and Joshua played his recorder and then on to the graduation ceremony.

The entire class was standing outside at the rear of the chapel when the music began. Students were organized by the countries there were going too and by alphabetical order (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras) and as you can imagine Ecuador was near the front of the line. I was designated to carry the Ecuadorian flag. As we were walking down the aisle, I said to Renee “that lady looks like your mom” in one of those, “what a coincidence kind of ways”, well it was her mom along with her dad! They were sitting in the second row…… Renee began to cry, the procession stopped, there were hugs and tears , the crowd applauded – it was great. We were really surprised.

Over the course of the day the grandparents were able to visit our kids classes at school and surprise each of the kids. Turns out that after 2 months of planning they had flown in the night before and with the help of Ronnie (a tour operator that works with the language school) they had worked out all the details. Judy (Renee’s mom) had been so afraid that the word would get out, so she barely told her anyone until a few days before. Less than 5 people knew of her plans and she pulled it off.

The day after graduation we visited a barrio (neighborhood) with our church to hand out gifts to 300 kids. This area has a high population of Nicaraguans as 25% of the population in Costa Rica are from Nicaragua – due to the oppression there. It was chaos and exhausting but fun.

On a side note, we (the Fogg family) had been planning a trip to Monte Verde after school for a couple days to relax before the packing process began. We had been planning it with Ronnie who had asked us if we wanted to share expenses with another couple who was planning on going on the same days we were going. We said sure, anything to keep from paying more. Well, if you have not put it together yet, it was her parents that were the “other couple” and we were had again.

Monte Verde was cold, windy, rainy and beautiful. ( It is the cloud forest afterall). We stayed at a hotel that had no hot water, smelled of mold and was not very clean. Thankfully the food was really good. We almost decided not to go on the zip line due to the bad weather, but are we ever glad we did. I will post more about our adventure on the next blog.

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