Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Food and worms (yes they served us maggots)

This guy has been drinking Chichaw all day. This is one of his two wives.

We always had a table cloth of banana leaves. Very handy and environmentally friendly.

Martin and Alfredo shown with our standard dinner of boiled plantains, potatoes and yucca. This meal was special because we received fruit.

Onto the food. I am sorry Chris, but you will have to skip this part. If any more of you do not want to hear about strange things to eat, you can skip this part also. We ate crazy stuff. Really it was better not to ask. The first thing you are given when you arrive is a drink called “Chichaw”. This drink is made from Yucca, a root that grows in many places in Central and South America. The root is chewed by the wife and spit out, fermented for three days into a very strong alcohol and drunk by the men. I am sorry for all you ladies out there who take offense to this, but as far as I could tell, women do not have anywhere near equal rights in the jungle. Roles are very defined. Anyway…. This drink is really strong and it’s a considerable offense not to drink it. The lady of the home will pass it to you and you drink some, not much, just any amount will do. You hold the cup (usually a dried ghord) for a couple minutes while talking and then return it to her. She will take it back from you, refill it and give it to the next guest. You never pass it yourself to another person.

Maggots (cooked) - they love them. Very special treat.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner we had “Papa China”, a kind of potato that is always boiled that tastes good, boiled plantains (a kind of banana), yucca (a boiled root) and usually a small portion of meat. We know we ate the following meats: Chicken, wild pork, smoked guanta (a large rat looking thing) – it was really good, night monkey and one or two other things we could not identify. They did serve us cooked maggots and many of the guys ate them, but I did not. I was really full and they did not look appetizing. By the time we returned to Shell, I was ready to eat something else.

This one is food and fun.


Look up Guanta for a cool meal on Google Images. Smoked it is incredible. Best meat we had.

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