Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 1 in Quito

YES – you are never going to believe it – Repack!!!

10:00 am (10 hours after we arrived) we had a meeting with Human Resources at HCJB to go over paperwork and get oriented. We had lunch for $3.80 each (considered expensive) at a little restaurant and had a great meal (soup, lemonade and chicken with rice and veggies). We were able to recognize many places we had visited 2 ½ years ago and we met some familiar HCJB people.

Most of the afternoon was spent repacking. Due to “weight packing” as described in previous blogs, we had everything all mixed up and we could not find anything. The morning we woke up (8 hours after arriving) we had to unpack everything and repack for our trip to Papallacta in the mountains. We had been blessed to be invited to the hot springs with a group from HCJB to meet the team and spend New Years Eve with them. We were looking forward to this.

Already we have noticed many differences between Costa Rica and Ecuador. The houses have less bars and fences, the town smells a lot less of diesel smoke, the language of Ecuador has different terms for the local grocery store, the people act and dress differently, and the prices are CHEAPER!!! We are so thrilled to get away from the high prices of everything in Costa Rica. Gas is $ 1.50 per gallon!!! (subsidized). A bottle of water is 3o cents, bathing suits for kids are $5.00. The rest of the day one, we toured around the neighborhood and visited friends. Needless to say we went to bed early.

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