Tuesday, December 6, 2011

busyness continued

A little internet trouble prevented us from finishing our last blog - so here it continues.
Photos from the Pastor Appreciation dinner:

Our pastor and his family.
After 5 days of fiestas, we had to get down to work and that consisted of taking our final oral exam. 35 minutes of one on one conversation/interview with a teacher. We received our a few days later and were both pleased, although we also realize that 30 minutes does not determine our overall ability to speak the language.

Late last week began the good-bye process. We were able to host our fellow third-trimester students for a farewell pizza dinner. One of the couples returned to the states early so we celebrated his birthday while saying good-byes.

The graduating class of 2011!

In 3 days, after 44 weeks of Spanish instruction, 4 hours per day, 5 days per week we will be graduating! Hard to believe how fast the time has gone. We will have the opportunity to travel north for a few days (in Costa Rica - that is) into the cloud forest and then we will return to San Jose to celebrate our Savior's birth with friends, before we head off to Ecuador on the 28th. Until the next Blog........

2 weeks of intense busyness!

These past 2 weeks have contained an incredible amount of activities. We will begin with November 23- Roblealta. For the past unknown number of years The Spanish Language Institute (our language school) has adopted a ministry known as Roblealta. Each year the school hosts orphans for a Christmas party. This year we had 135 kids who arrived in a whirlwind at the school. Games were planned, hotdogs served, a short program was given, pinatas whacked, and of course presents were unwrapped. Each child received one gift from one of the students or teachers. It was so fun to see the little girls kiss their new babies through the packaging and the boys hug their new match box cars. After 3 hours of chaos and laughter the kids returned to their mountain home and we began the set-up for the next day's event - Thanksgiving dinner for 120 people.

Thanksgiving day began with classes as usual - after all the holiday is a US one. However, classes ended early and a few of us students organized a dinner/potluck for the students and staff. It was a great time of eating and giving thanks for the staff publicly. After the clean-up we celebrated Joshua's 9th birthday with our family.

In order for the school guard to attend the celebration - someone needed to watch the guard house - Adrianne to the rescue!
The day after Thanksgiving we had a sleepover with some of Joshua's friends in order to celebrate his 9th birthday.
The Sunday after Thanksgiving we celebrated Pastor Appreciation Sunday. Gifts were given, Chinese Food eaten and English Christmas Carols were played and of course a Mariachi band!
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