Friday, September 23, 2011

Immigration and tickets

Wow! What a couple days – I have to tell you a God story while getting our student visas for Costa Rica.

Yesterday at 8:25 in the morning the administrator of the school sought me out and told me that after 6 weeks of waiting for an appointment to get our student visas – we finally had one – in 30 minutes! I quickly packed my stuff, collected all three kids from school (everyone needed to go in person) and we jumped into the schools car and left. I need to mention that Renee has a tutor off campus at 8:30 in the morning and we needed her to come along. We raced over to the house where she was and I jumped out and went to the front door. By now Renee had seen me get out of the car and was running through the 100 possibilities of what was wrong – kids in the hospital, accidents, deaths maybe worse……. Anyway after she got in the car we were off.

Needless to say we had 15 minutes to get to the office and a 30 minute drive. The driver, a very nice guy, drove hard and fast, swerved a lot and managed to make nearly everyone car sick by the time we arrived 15 minutes late. After slowly but thankfully getting out of the car we proceeded to the office. I am so glad the guide came with us, there was not any chance we would have located this office without him. Anyway, after arriving we waited 10 minutes and were shown in. We had our pictures taken and were told to wait outside for another 45 minutes. We did, but the waiting room had air conditioning and it was really, really cold. Nearly all of the 70 or so people in the room were freezing and it was hard not to be. We were dressed for Costa Rica, not Alaska. The time passed reasonably fast and our names were called again. We went to receive our visa cards and Adrianne’s card had a typo. In Spanish Adrianne is Adrianna. Adrianne (Adrian) is a male name and they had her as male versus female on her card. We pointed it out and they said they would fix it right away. 2 hours and 15 minutes later we finally had our names called and left. We were all very tired, I was especially tired of “how much longer Dad” and we returned home. The return ride was much better as I spoke to the driver and let him know that we were no longer in a hurry and that the motion sickness was better now. He obliged and drove much better on the return trip.

But wait…. The story is not over.

You see, the student visas are supposed to be good for one year. We applied for our visas in February so we knew we had lots of time since we were planning on leaving on January 4, 2012. However….. 3 days ago the price per ticket on Jan 4 went up by $120 per person. We have been following ticket prices for weeks now and knew the best route and price. Ticket prices for December were much higher than January so we had decided to wait until the 4th when they were cheaper. Discovering that the prices for January went up, we decided to “just check” on prices in December and discovered that the prices had dropped on December 28. We bought the tickets. HOORAY!!!!! The rest of the story. The next day (yesterday) was our adventure at the immigration office. Remember I said our visas were supposed to be good for one year…. But when we were handed them I noticed they expired early. I asked the lady and she informed me that that was correct, the visas for the entire family expire on December 31, 2011. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! If he had not caused the ticket price to change on Jan 4 we would have been 4 days without a visa and had lots and lots of expensive problems, but today we are free and clear. So even when things do not seem to be going your way, maybe God is on the move and you just do see the reason behind it yet.

Oh and by the way, I did check to see if the ticket prices for Jan 4 had gone down to the original level, they went down, but not all the way. God is good.



  1. Praise the Lord! God is so good!

  2. Saw you on Twitter via Mike Fisk. I've been reading his blog for a while now. My husband and I were missionaries for 20 years so I'm always interested in missions! Your story reminds me of the agonizingly slow process of paperwork we faced in Venezuela! :-)

  3. Hi once agn! Thank you for the work and Love you Share through Jesus Christ.
    I am From Latvia, Eastern Europe, post-soviet country.
    God bless,

  4. I found yr site, home page. I like it:)


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