Friday, September 16, 2011

Dia de independencia

September 15 is the day Costa Ricans celebrate their independence. Beginning a couple months prior a torch is sent out from Guatemala. Teenagers from different school districts run with the torch for about 1 mile before they hand it off. It arrives in Cartago (the first capital city of Costa Rica) at 6:00pm on September 14. EVERYONE is expected to stand, no matter where they are and sing the national anthem at 6:00pm. After the national anthem is sung the schools host small parades with lanterns. Each child carry's a lantern and marches around the block.

The morning of the 15th, beginning at 5:00 AM - (yes A.M.!) the people light fireworks. We did wake up to them yesterday. At 8:30 am the different districts hold parades similar to our Independence day in the United States.

Enjoy the photos!
One last dance for the community.

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