Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yeah and Yuck Ducks......... again.

Yesterday was graduation at our language school. This, of course brings up Yeah feelings of being done with our second trimester (and finishing well) but it also means that several new friends are moving on to the countries where they have been called to serve. Yuck feelings!

My friend, Heather, who left for Honduras today.

My buddy, Abraham. He left with his mom, dad and baby sister today for the United States. He will be going to Ecuador also in the next few months - so we hope to have a playdate!

The Spanish language institute has also been affected by the economy and the number of students graduating is disproportionately large compared to the number of new students beginning in 2 weeks. Because of this, 6 teachers were laid off yesterday, This is 1/3 of the teaching staff! Of the 6 teachers I had 3 of them just this trimester so more Yuck feelings!
My grammar class this past trimester - 2 members of this group left today and our teacher was laid off. ;(

Yeah! We found a chiropractor that has been able to help (and his office happens to be next to a little ice cream shop that makes homemade icecream!!!!)

Last night we said good-bye to some friends who left for Mexico this morning. Their kids became the best friends of our kids over the past 8 months. More Yuck! Yeah for Skype dates though!
Our friends, the Lakatos family - on their way to Mexico.


  1. who else was laid off?

  2. Hi---We just connected on twitter. Looks like you have family in Grand Rapids, I am just west of Detroit here. What is it you will be doing in Ecuador? I have been in Ecuador, Quito and Cochepamba doing kids ministry. Also been in Peru as well as several other countries doing short term kids ministry.

  3. Hello...just got your message and have connected with you on twitter. Feel free to connect with us as well at

  4. So grateful for the work that you all are doing. Praying God's hand rest on you all as you minister. I know God is going to do great things through your ministry. May God's face shine on you! God bless!!!

    Daren Stout

    You can also contact me @

  5. Smiling faces that's what I'm talking about,what is lovely He delights to give you. Thanks for the follow. Blessings

  6. Walking through life is such a wonderful gift from our awesome God, and the wonder continues as we find each other in the journey, a brother, a sister, a comfort, a company, but above all, the great promise that He shall be with us till the end of age. Blessings to you, Eric and Renee, and your wonderful family.

  7. Tyler StinnettOctober 09, 2011

    Got your Twitter message and have been reading through your blogs all morning. I'm proud to have brothers and sisters in Christ like your family. God Bless you all!!


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