Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bullet point summary

Again we have been lax in our updates! The last blog saw our children leaving for the USA for 6 weeks - they returned safe and sound yesterday.

So what did we do in those 6 weeks? Here is a bullet point summary.

*8 days after the kids left we had a friend move in with us - he moved out 4 days ago.
These are the gardens near our friends house - I love the wall mount drinking fountain!

*We had a good friend visit us for 4 days. Here is Dwight at the hot springs near the volcano!

*We visited a volcano and waterfall north of San Jose. Arenal Volcano.

*Renee began cooking lessons with a local Tica.
*Eric was elected Chaplain for next trimester at school.
*We now have a hamster named Bing to take care of.

*We had a bat visit us during breakfast in our house - 3 separate times!
*We found a "home" church.
*Found a well trained chiropractor after 3 previous failed attempts.
*Took and passed 4 grammar tests and 3 language tests between us.
*Began the study of subjunctive - the heart of the Spanish language.
*Celebrated Eric's birthday at a Mexican restaurant run by Costa Ricans. (Not quite the same)
Maria, who Renee takes cooking lesson with made this 4 layer double chocolate cake for Eric's birthday! It weighed 6 pounds!!!
*Studied, studied and studied.
*Finished our second trimester - today!!

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