Sunday, July 3, 2011

When the kids are gone - we play (kind of)

So now that the kids are gone - what to do? Study, study, study, mixed with some fun.

On Friday we celebrated Eric's birthday with a trip to a local Mexican restaurant. We do miss the great Mexican restaurants in our home town but his one was not bad.

On Saturday we took a group of 18 students to La Paz waterfall gardens. Because we acted as their tour guides we could go for free - LOVE that part!

Today while walking to the farmers market we came across a church that we were not aware of and were able to talk with several members. Next week we will join them in their service. Eric was immediately hooked as outside of the building was a Yahama chappy with fenders and everything! Can you feel the excitement?? :) Eric and his brothers happen to be the proud owner of several Yamaha chappys, which they keep on Beaver Island as their main source of transportation. He was so excited because he could tell that this chappy needed work and he is dying to have a greasy project to fix! I'm sure next week he will offer his services to the owner.

Photos of our weekend:

Not sure what this large rodent even is, but the bird liked him.
A coffee plantation. The palm trees are planted with the coffee trees to provide shade.
Front and backside of a sloth.

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