Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raining mangos

Due to some internet issues we have not been able to update the blog as frequently as we would like. We are now in our 6th week of the 2nd trimester and sometimes (quite honestly) we feel like we have been here forever. It has been just over 6 months since we left Holland and we are mostly settled in.

Second trimester is the time that most people feel settled in. First trimester is about pure survival while learning the ropes of San Jose, grocery shopping, banking, making a house or apartment a home, finding a church and not to be forgotten - studying the language. Second trimester is about focusing on language study. Generally all of those items have been learned by this time and the everyday things of life are easier - a good thing since the language study is harder!

Third trimester is about transition again as many students are preparing to leave CR to head to their respective countries of service. Visas and housing and paperwork and schooling for the kids.

We are enjoying this somewhat settled state as are the kids. They have 2, 1/2 days of school left and then will return to Michigan for the month of July to visit with family and friends while we complete our second trimester.

Raining mangoes - In our backyard is a mango tree and apparently it is mango season because each day we find 10-20 mangoes on the patio. Yesterday, one even rolled into our kitchen through the open door. Now I love mangoes (the kind that are sold in the states are technically MANGAS not mangoes - mangoes are smaller) and so does Eric but we have 2 kids that are allergic to them - not just eating them but touching them and even having the pollen touch them. The mango has a chemical similar to poison ivy on it so when the mangoes fall (or roll into the kitchen) the boys either run or use the broom like a hockey stick. We prefer running since the mangoes are well liked by our teachers and fellow students.

Collecting the mangoes from the garden.

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  1. I recently learned about the connection between "green" mangoes and poison ivy -- a friend back home suffered a nasty rash after touching an unripe mango.

    BTW - I think of your family often. I'm glad you're feeling a bit more settled for this term. Enjoy it.


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