Tuesday, June 21, 2011

final photos of Manuel Antonio

What is a trip to the beach without a hermit crab race! At one point we had 20 of them in the trench and the kids had named each one.One of the drawbacks of mixing humans with wildlife is the fact that the monkeys are so used to being fed from people that they no longer hunt for themselves. Now they wait in the trees until lunch time and then make their way down to see what they can steal out of someones bag or cooler.

This guy was checking out a ladies bag - when she walked away he scurried down and grabbed a juice box and a pastry. He then threw the trash at the people he just stole the food from.


  1. God Blessed, Love what i see This is Pastor Nakita Bruce (save_gurl) from twitter

  2. God bless and keep working for the Kingdome, because there is so much for us to do. Very enjoyable page.
    Dr Anita Dailey


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