Saturday, May 14, 2011

Deliquent again

So much has happened since our last blog and of course the thing that gets left in the dust is blogging. Today we have a few moments to breath however so we will try to fill you in.

After we completed the last trimester we were able to visit Jaco beach for 8 mostly restful days. We took along a single friend who we had met in Colorado back in October as he was looking for opportunity to get away from the busyness of San Jose also. He stayed with us for 4 days and then we had a wonderful surprise visit in store for our daughter. Adriane celebrated her 13th birthday while at the beach and her dear friend from Michigan flew down with her mom (my dear friend) as a surprise birthday present! We had a wonderful time for our last 4 days at the beach with them and then they returned to San Jose with us.

It is always an adventure when traveling here and it was no exception on our return trip. The new highway was closed for repairs - this happens frequently so our driver took the mountain roads. As we were climbing the mountain road a person standing along side the road pointed to our radiator and sad, "agua". So we stopped and sure enough the radiator was leaking water. There were 9 of us in the van plus the driver and a passenger so we all piled out and praise the Lord found a water spigot at an abandoned restaurant that worked! As we are waiting out side the van however Eric said to us, "Move away from the van, he is about to open that cap and hot water is going to spew all over." We did not believe him, at first, because we all know that when a car is hot, you don't open the cap. Apparently we all don't know that because sure enough the driver opened the cap (which by the way is under the front seat) and proceeded to spew hot water over the inside of the van. I do dislike it when my husband is right about such things!

It was great to share time at the beach and in our temporary home with our friends. They helped us get settled back into somewhat of a routine and Megan even attended classes one day with Adrianne. During that time Joshua also had a biopsy of his colon to determine if he had celiac disease. The procedure was fascinating but it was difficult to watch our child be put under anesthesia. He did great, however and the doctors here are fabulous. They spent a great deal of time with us explaining everything (in Spanish and English) and the hospital is top notch. The biopsy results came back as negative, Praise the Lord! So we now have one more doctor appointment to rule out a couple of other possibilities and then we will see.

Second trimester classes began 10 days ago and they are very different from first tri. Eric and I chose to be part of the FARO program which involves going out into the community to speak with locals about specific topics. Eric is required to speak to 10 different people each week about a theme. I have to speak with 8 different people 2 times per week over 2 different themes and then we have to write out reports with the information and we meet with our facilitator 3 times per week. So far we both have enjoyed this tremendously -but it is very time consuming. Eric meets with one of the guys who cleans the park near our house, a few guys from a local garage and also some men from the local hardware. I speak with a couple of neighbor ladies, 2 ladies from the pharmacy, a man who works at the local bakery and of course our dear empleada, Lidia. The people are so willing to talk with us and I believe they enjoy the fact that we ask their opinions. Our themes, thus far have ranged from the socialized medical system here in Costa Rica, to fashion to favorite childhood activities. Along with the FARO portion of the classes we also both take 2 hours of grammar at the school.

Last week we began teaching English as a second language class as part of a local ministry. The classes are incredibly cheap (the equivalent of $4.00 for 12 classes) and therefore are very well attended. Both of us will be teaching advanced students so Eric has about 7 men and I have 10 "ladies" ranging in age from 9 - 70. It is a bit of a challenge to find activities that fit such an age group but a great time to meet new people and practice Spanish a little.

That brings us up to yesterday. After classes and interviews I went to a friends baby shower - it is so nice to attend an activity that feels "normal". This friend is a fellow student so everyone in attendance was a student. It was a great time of laughing and typical game playing - in the middle of our great time a 6.0 earthquake hit about 20 miles from us. We have had 4 since our arrival but they were all further out and I only felt one of them. This one was not to be ignored. it began slowly and then built in intensity. The lights were swaying and the floor was rolling. It was a very strange sensation. Unfortunately with the earthquake came a mudslide and 13 people died because of that.

We are now entering the rainy season so every after noon for the past week we have had rain. Thursday and Today were exceptional though in that it felt like a monsoon. Of course today was the day we took a group of students downtown for a tour. The rain began earlier than normal with was more fierce than normal. The rain was being blown sideways, in other words we got a little wet!

Below are some photos of the past 3 weeks. We hope you enjoy them and will try to keep you updated a little more frequently in the future.
Our boys thoroughly enjoyed practicing their flips in the pool over break.
If you look closely at this photo you will see a long green tail sticking out of that window. This lizard climbed into that window which happened to lead to someones shower. We were waiting for the screams but apparently no one was in there at the time!

Adrianne when she first saw Megan - she was shocked speechless.

Buddies on the beach.

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