Monday, May 23, 2011

And life goes on............................

So over the past few weeks the idea that life goes on (with or without us) has been reinforced many times. We are now entering rainy season here while our families and friends in Michigan are starting to enjoy Spring (my favorite time of the year). Initially when we arrived it was hot and sunny everyday and although we occasionally missed the snow, overall we did not miss the weather of our home state.

Now that the weather has changed and we carry umbrellas and rain jackets with us everywhere we have had moments of longing - especially when we see the pictures of the tulips in our hometown. Thinking back we each decided that we had only missed 2 tulip times in all of our years of living in Michigan - now we add one more to our list of missed festivals.

Another thing that drove it home was talking to family. At one point Eric talked with 3 different brothers/ sister-in-laws on one phone because they were all at one brothers house. If we were in Michigan Eric probably would have been there as well. I also had a conference Skype call with my mom and sister the other night and they were talking about everyday things, things that we are no longer a part of; annual spring clean up at my parents house, their 45th anniversary, birthday parties of nieces and nephews, my grandmothers 89th birthday.

In October I have a cousin who is going to be married - we won't be there. Today we received an email telling us of a friends death. It was unexpected and even though he had 83 years behind him it is still a shock. We won't be there for his funeral.

Now this blog post is not meant to depress you nor to make you feel sorry for us. We are where God wants us to be and for that we are thankful.

We also realize that as life goes on in our hometown without us - if we were to return now it still would not be the same, because we are not the same, even after 5 short months. So life will continue to go on, wherever our family is and we really wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    Be blessed charldebeer

  2. "...if we were to return now it still would not be the same, because we are not the same."

    Although my family's path is different than yours, I totally understand this. We, too, are missing weddings, birthdays, funerals -- yet, I know this is where and what we are to be doing.



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