Monday, May 23, 2011

And life goes on............................

So over the past few weeks the idea that life goes on (with or without us) has been reinforced many times. We are now entering rainy season here while our families and friends in Michigan are starting to enjoy Spring (my favorite time of the year). Initially when we arrived it was hot and sunny everyday and although we occasionally missed the snow, overall we did not miss the weather of our home state.

Now that the weather has changed and we carry umbrellas and rain jackets with us everywhere we have had moments of longing - especially when we see the pictures of the tulips in our hometown. Thinking back we each decided that we had only missed 2 tulip times in all of our years of living in Michigan - now we add one more to our list of missed festivals.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

More photos of the past 2 weeks.

Adrianne's pizza birthday dinner.

Adrianne's cake - notice only my three kids look normal.

Our hardy student group that toured downtown in the mini monsoon.

Kevin, his friend Sam, Joshua and his friend, Santiago used their umbrellas to protect them from the rain that was blowing sideways while under a cement gazebo.

Deliquent again

So much has happened since our last blog and of course the thing that gets left in the dust is blogging. Today we have a few moments to breath however so we will try to fill you in.

After we completed the last trimester we were able to visit Jaco beach for 8 mostly restful days. We took along a single friend who we had met in Colorado back in October as he was looking for opportunity to get away from the busyness of San Jose also. He stayed with us for 4 days and then we had a wonderful surprise visit in store for our daughter. Adriane celebrated her 13th birthday while at the beach and her dear friend from Michigan flew down with her mom (my dear friend) as a surprise birthday present! We had a wonderful time for our last 4 days at the beach with them and then they returned to San Jose with us.
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