Saturday, April 23, 2011

Try, tri (mester) again

4 days ago we completed our first trimester of Spanish Language school. We finished well - at least our teachers said so and we were happy with our grades - although receiving a grade at 40 years old still seems a bit weird.

43 students graduated this trimester, many of them began at the same time we did. Some of them have been here for a year already and others completed 2 trimesters. Everyone who attends the school is on a different path, with different time frames. At this point we anticipate being here for 2 more trimesters in order to gain as much knowledge as we can in the language. We know that once we reach Ecuador our time will be pulled in many different directions. Now is our time to focus on language.

Currently we are on a 2 week break before the second trimester begins. The first 3 days we spent catching up on all of the administrative things that were pushed to the side in the midst of studying. Now we are enjoying the beach, thanks to a generous gift from some friends. Even though we are at the beach we are still hitting the books. A couple of hours each day of reading and writing Spanish is helping us to review what we learned throughout the trimester - it helps tremendously that we are one of very few "white" folk at the beach, so conversation starts easily as well. As soon as the local Ticos figure out that we are students here they delve into conversation - some of which we understand and some of which we don't! :)

Today we met Sergio - a professional soccer coach from Argentina. We met him because we were chasing geckos. (BTW - if you hear a woman's scream, it is probably all the way from Costa Rica - one of the larger geckos we were chasing chose to go into the open window of one of the condos. The window leads to the shower!) But, I digress from my story. Our conversation about geckos and gila monsters (which were about 10 feet from us and we never noticed until he pointed them out) led us to talking about the town we are currently in and that led us to ask about churches which eventually led us to talking about why we are here. Sergio, as it turns out is also a Christian and invited us to attend his teams practice on Wednesday. After the practice he leads a Bible Study. I love how God uses geckos to introduce people. Or maybe it is because we are crazy white people who chase critters - whichever it is, we like it!

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