Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For those of you who are wondering - Yes, I did recover from the mountain hiking adventure. Day one was rough and there was a lot of groaning involved. Day 2 my legs ached all over but I was able to walk mostly upright and looked "normal" to the untrained eye. Day three my legs only shook when going down hill. Alas, there are a LOT of hills here in San Jose! I was not the only one who ached however. Eric also took a few days to recover. The children, of course, were fine.

Currently we are officially 5 weeks away from the end of our first trimester. I am not sure where the time went -perhaps we had our heads stuck in books? Middle of the term is a tough time so the school deliberately schedules a "spiritual emphasis" week where we are not given any homework and chapel services are offered daily for 3 hours. This occurred 2 weeks ago. A pastor from PA came to speak during that time. He challenged us to continue to allow the Lord to change us. This is a difficult process at any time in ones life but in the midst of language learning it especially seems hard. So much new learning is taking place and our focus is on understanding Spanish - not ourselves - however as we have discovered over and over again, we are not here to JUST learn Spanish. The Lord is using this time to teach us about ourselves - as long as we let Him.

After a week without homework we again had to focus on returning to a routine. We managed to do that until this past weekend when the female members (mom, sister, sister-in-law and niece) of my family came down to visit. They are still here but in a different part of the country currently, enjoying the beautiful beaches in the northwest portion of Costa Rica. Over the weekend we celebrated birthdays with them and took a day tour of La Paz Waterfall Gardens and the Arenal Volcano. Both of them were absolutely stunning. What fun to see my family again and laugh until tears fell. This weekend we will join them for 2 nights at the beach before they head back home to Michigan. I'm sure it will be a "Yuck Duck" goodbye again.

Enjoy the photos below -

We only had one candle but the kids did not care - real brownies - YUM! Generally Ticos do not bake so it was a real treat to make brownies.

The family by one of the 5 waterfalls at La Paz.Grandma and the grandkids riding the oxcart. We had to be careful not to fall out the back.We were able to feed the toucans - just watch out for your earrings! :)

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