Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chiropractors and taxi drivers!

So, 2 days ago we decided that it was time to try out a local chiropractor. We have been spoiled in the past as Eric's brother has his own practice in Holland, and every month our family would go in for adjustments.

Well, it has been almost 4 months since our last visit and needless to say we were a little past due - especially considering the increased amount of stress with studying, Eric's accident with the surfboard 2 months ago and our infamous hike up the mountain.

This gentleman was recommended to us by a teacher at the school, so armed with directions we found a cab and eventually (we needed to stop and use a cell phone to find it) arrived in front of a non-descript white house. No sign to announce that we were in the right place but we knocked and sure enough we were told that Don Hector was expecting us. It was obviously his home, as we were greeted by his daughter and 2 grandchildren as well as his wife.

He told us that he performs Swedish massage before adjusting anyone. Eric went first. From my vantage point it looked like a very thorough back and neck massage and Eric said it felt good. Following that he did the usual back and neck adjustments along with a couple of adjustments to Eric's head and feet. It was quite fun to use medical terms in Spanish or at least try to! Afterwards, Eric said he felt 80% better. I thought that sounded like a pretty good percentage.

30 minutes later - my turn. Now, before I go into detail about my massage I have to say that I was very hesitant to go to a chiropractor here. I had already decided that I would go with Eric but not actually take my appointment. I wasn't feeling "that bad" and was functioning just fine so I decided I really didn't need to be seen. However, after seeing how he treated Eric I thought this sounded pretty good. I was up for a good massage to decrease the tension in my back, neck and feet. I climbed onto the table. For those of you who are married and have ever received a massage from your spouse - you ladies may know that husbands like extra-firm massages while us ladies prefer a lighter touch. Correct?

Perhaps the Swedes did not get the memo! His Swedish massage was so intense and so painful (made worse by the fact that my back was really messed up) that I was clenching my fists! Everywhere he "massaged" hurt! I asked Eric for his hand so I could squeeze it, but he told me he wasn't dumb enough to give it to me! What is that line in the marriage vows about, "for better for worse, in sickness and in health"? Apparently it did not apply in this case.

In the middle of my massage I told Don Hector that this massage was more painful than giving birth! He just smiled, told me I had a lot of tension in my back and kept right on inflicting pain. I then tried to bribe Eric into giving me his hand so that I could squeeze it by reminding him that I never asked for his hand during any of our children's births. This ploy did not work either! Next tactic - I needed to think about something else or I was going to literally scream.

At just the right time, as always, the Lord brought to mind a spiritual analogy. He reminded me that I had not wanted to take my appointment because "I really wasn't that bad off". Then when it was my turn, the massage revealed how really bad off I was. Just like our emotional and spiritual selves - we hold things in, tuck them away and think that we aren't that bad off when in reality we are a mess. We function just fine and on the outside we look like we have it all together. He reminded me again how we need others to assist us in getting rid of the "junk" that we hold inside and that we can't do everything by ourselves. We need to experience and go through the pain to start to the healing!

Nothing like the Lord to bring those thoughts to mind while face down on massage table. Perhaps because there was no place else to go? Perhaps because I was in a humble position?

This analogy helped me to get through the rest of my massage and the adjustments. I still felt the pain and knew that I would be sore afterwards- and I am, but what a great reminder from
the Lord.

So - you may be thinking, "What about the taxi driver mentioned in the title?" I think maybe our driver was in "kahoots" with the chiropractor because all that tension that Don Hector worked so hard to get rid of started to come back the moment our driver stepped on the gas pedal! Our lives are in God's hands, but I was convinced our driver was trying to end ours a little early. Needless to say, we now have his number and will no longer be using his services! :)

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