Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arenal photos

Arenal is the largest active volcano in Costa Rica. About 2 months ago it stopped spewing lava however it continues to smoke. The top of the volcano is shrouded in clouds in this photo. Eventually we did see the top - however not before my camera batteries died.

Thanks to the generosity of my parents we stayed at a hotel at the base of the volcano. This is Joshua enjoying the water slide. He made it look so easy but the heavier you are the faster you go - needless to say I was not sitting upright nor smiling for the camera when I came down. I think my mother referred to my exit as careening out of control! :) I tried a second time - convinced I could execute a better exit- half way down I was doing fine, smiling and sitting upright. Through the underground tunnel I was fine, couldn't see much but I was still upright. Last turn..... well I'm not sure quite what happened, but it gave my family a good laugh! They have been told to NEVER show the pictures to anyone! :0
Both at La Paz Gardens and at the resort near Arenal were buildings of rain forest frogs. In the states these frogs are usually in glass cages in zoos. Here they are hopping freely around as you enter. Signs read "Watch your step." It was fun to try to find the frogs but I was questioning the sanity of searching for poison dart frogs until I learned that when in captivity the poison dart frogs lose their poison.
One of the favorite parts of the weekend for all of the kids was the butterfly house. Hundreds of butterflies were fluttering around and we watched 3 of them emerge from their chrysalis'.

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  1. Costa Rica is an awesome place. I went there on a mission trip in 1997. Vulcan Arenal is awesome.


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