Saturday, February 26, 2011

Climb every mountain - just not all in one day!

So - on this beautiful Saturday morning we decided to remove ourselves from our somewhat comfortable bed at 5:20am. Why? To climb a mountain, of course! Near San Jose is a mountain that happens to have 3 crosses at varying elevations on it. Once a month one of the language school students takes a group out to climb this mountain and visit each cross. On a bus at 6:00am - why am I the only one who looks so tired anyway? After a transfer in downtown San Jose and several steep hairpin turns on the bus we have arrived. Where I have no idea. All I know is that the road was at a 45* angle. Not to worry though the road did not last long. On to the cow path next. If I were a cow I don't think I would use this path but by the "evidence left behind" it was a well used cow path! See our group below, this is the beginning of our journey.

8:00 am - we reach the first cross. It can't be that much farther to the next one - can it?

8:45 am - we reach the second cross! Notice the cloud we are now in? My legs are starting to burn!

9:20 am - we reach the third and final cross. Alleluia!!!! My legs have long since stopped burning and are now partially numb. My kids, of course are waiting at the top and have been for 10 minutes.

The three of us ladies who made the journey at the top. It can only get easier from here - right?
Down is so much easier than up - wouldn't you think? I mean God created gravity for a reason and we are no longer trying to defy it...we are working with it!

OK - so our trusty leader informs us that we are now going down the back side of the mountain instead of returning the way we came - on the cow path. However there is another cow path on the back side. Wonderful. After squeezing through the 1.5 foot wide opening in the barbed wire fence we began the descent or should I say the, "Please Lord, don't let me fall face first because I will roll continuously for the next 3000 feet until I land in the river decline"!? Needless to say the 45* angle street at the beginning of the journey was child's play. The cow path - not as well used - even cows have limits! - was a sit on your bottom and pray that your pants hold out while you half sit/half slide down the mountain. I half expected to see cows laying on their sides at the bottom of the mountain. My legs are now rubber - you know that trembling that starts when you have no more energy left and you know you have to support yourself for the next 1/2 mile - or at least that is the distance you are hoping for. More like 2 miles..... Yah....
One of the smart cows we met by the river!

So back to the downhill slide- my jeans held out and no one was hurt. A river and lunch awaited us at the bottom. The river was beautiful and so were the cows that grazed along it - these were the smart cows, why go up that nasty path when you don't have too! Oh the bliss of sitting down to rest while eating and listening to the ripple of the river. Oh the PAIN of having to stand back up again and move! Did you know that the rubbery feeling can last a really long time?? Did you know that the river is not the end of this journey? Did you know that there was 2 more miles of walking along the rocky river bank and crossing it at least 8 times on rocks that were sometimes stable and sometimes not? No - you say? Me neither, or I may have seriously considered staying in bed!

"Just around the bend" - those were the most blessed words I had heard in a long time! The town with a bus stop was just around the next turn. Now in order to get to the bus stop there was just one small street to walk down, down, down. Did I say down? We all took one look at the street and groaned.... Our trusty guide then said it is easier to go down backwards than forwards as your feet are at a 45* angle. So we did - 11 gringos walking down the road backwards bent forward at a 45*. We so did not care!!!!! At the bus stop we all just sat down on the edge of the street and waited. We could hardly move when the bus actually arrived.

Back to San Jose and to Mc Donalds! Those fries never tasted so good!
The mountains here are gorgeous and we were so glad for the fresh air and over all glad we went on the hike. My body is still protesting, my right leg is still rubbery but for now we can say we did it!!


  1. What a great morning! Funny story, too . . . Blessings to all of you Foggies!

  2. Yikes, how are the legs today, Monday? ;)

  3. I hope you don't expect us to do that when we visit. Your sister would not be able too. :)
    Mom Koops

  4. This is a wonderful pictoral site. May God bless you and your family in all that you do.

  5. Thanks for sharing your lives with us as well as the people you serve! How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!" - Isaiah 52:7
    Blessings To You ALL!!


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