Monday, January 24, 2011

A weekend away!

Some dear friends of ours gave us a wonderful gift this weekend - 2 days away from the city. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at a nearby beach with M & M. We also ate way to many M&M's - something Eric loves and they don't well here! We had not realized how stressed we had been feeling until we left the concrete jungle of San Jose and saw the green mountains and smelled the salty air. It was incredibly refreshing! Above on the far left is the condo complex in which we stayed.

Kevin desperately wanted to knock a coconut down from a tree.
A balancing act in the pool.
On our way to the beach we stopped on Crocodile bridge. These are just a few of them. Our last few hours there the boys and men decided to try surfing. Pictures are to follow. Warning though - Eric ended up with 10 stitches - so if you don't like blood - don't look at the next post! ;)

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