Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Week Of Tears

Fun with a new friend at the park.

One of our more frequent and very common meal here.

No dishwasher to rely on here - the boys were singing
praise songs while washing dishes - it brought tears to my eyes.

During orientation last week we were told that the first week of classes is known as the week of tears. The director of Instituto de Lengua Espanola said that she sees more men cry in her office the first week classes than she does the rest of the year. Well, Eric did not cry but all of the rest of us did this week! On Monday the kids began their classes and on Tuesday we began ours. All of our classes begin at 7:30am. The kids get done at 2:30 while we are finish at noon.

As first trimester students we take 2 hours of grammar classes, 1 hour of phonetics and 1 hour of language. By the time 12:00 rolls around we are ready for a nap!!!! Every hour we get a 5 minute break - praise the lord for that! Studies have shown that after an hour of language study it is necessary to take a break for learning to continue. Studies have also shown that a person over the age of 25 who is learning a second language requires 2 more hours of sleep per night. We can understand why after only 4 days of classes! When classes are done for the day, we work on our homework for 2-3 hours.

So - back to the tears - in combination with a lack of sleep (we had a mariachi band playing at the neighbors house 1 night and car alarms going off), the continuing feelings of grief and loss and being challenged in our classes, the kids and I all had our "day of tears". We also have yet to completely move into our new home. We are still finding spots to put things and re-arranging items almost everyday in the kitchen so that our maid (a dear lady) who happens to be about 5 feet tall can reach everything she needs to.

On a very positive note this week we were able to complete our fingerprinting which is necessary for our student visas. The police station was not busy when we arrived which is unusual. We actually were the last people in the station and had a great time joking with the officers. Of course they all commented on how tall Adrianne and I are. I think Adrianne was embarrassed when one of the female officers and I broke in to song at the same time after joking around.

Today our guard gave us flashcards to study our Spanish verbs with him. He is so enthusiastic about helping us with our homework and in the mean time also learning some English. We took another trip to la feria today (the market) and bought our weekly supply of fruits and veggies. It is always fun to see the different types of fruits available and then figure out what to do with them once we purchase them.

This week will bring a whole new set of challenges, I'm sure, so we keep this little prayer on the edge of our tongue every minute - "God Help!"


  1. Wow! Your website is awesome. May God continue to richly bless you and equip you to keep on doing what you are doing.

  2. I am praying for you and your family. May you be filled with God's strength and power as you journey toward the mission he has set out for you. Keep the faith!

  3. Eric and fam,

    Hey buddy! Miss you everyday! Pray for you so often -- as often as God brings you up. Matt Haverdink of Ottawa Kent Ins is getting fired up to meet with other Christian business owners like you and I and Baarman did. So, I suggested to Matt, that I, Brian B. would be a good start. Thanks for the inspiration!

    God's got Dan Seaborn up to something big! He shared with the church today -- try to get some time to watch today's service on the podcast.

    We're plugging along in our little world -- remember to keep, keepin' on in the adventure God's given you. Love ya!


  4. I hope that you are well in Christ! May God bless your efforts to reach out to those in need. and May God's favor and grace be upon you!

    Kyle Alston
    - Co-Founder of the Upsilon Chapter of
    Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity, Inc. (NC State Univ.)
    - Graphic Designer
    - Author,
    - Twitter: @chartermem07


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