Monday, January 3, 2011

We have arrived!

Thank you all for your prayers! We made it safely to San Jose!

Flight was slightly late for take-off due to de-icing but it was great to see one last snow fall before we left. Landed in Atlanta at 9:00am and by the time we took the train to the next terminal and grabbed breakfast to go from Mickey D's we walked right on to our next flight. That flight was uneventful as well - a little boring for the kids but we all slept on and off. Landed in CR around 2:00 EST. The immigration line was really long and we stood in it for about 15 minutes when one of the airport workers came by and asked if the boys were mine - I said "yes" and he moved all of us to the front of the line. Turns out the locals - known as Ticos love kids, so it is very common for them to go out of the way for them. We then found all of our luggage - another miracle! Three of the bags had been checked, but nothing was taken. It took two porters to get us to customs - at customs we were asked for a return ticket since we arrived as a tourist. We did not have a return ticket and our big brother said that normally they do not ask - but I showed the guy our paperwork to apply for our student visas, he checked with his supervisor who was standing right there and she said no problem and waved us through. Because we had 2 porters, the customs officials did not even stop us to check our luggage. We walked right outside and met our big brother Matt and our driver Fernando who speaks flawless English and was very interesting. It took about 45 minutes to get to our new home from the airport due to traffic. We were told that it can take as little as 20 minutes but Sunday afternoons are busy family times and traffic is high.

Our landlords were waiting to meet us - Aurillo and Antoinett. He is about 70 and she is probably 55. Very friendly people and turns out he is a pilot wanna be - so Eric and he talked for an hour about that. The boys showed him their remote control helicopters and he is excited to learn how to fly them. He then invited us to come upstairs to their portion of the house for tea and scones. We were so tired but he asked 3 times so we finally said yes - it was very pleasant. By the time we were done with tea we had time to unload one bag and then we walked 4 blocks to meet our big brother and his family for pizza at a local restaurant. The pizza was tasty - same price as the States - no deals here we are told.

 When we returned we unpacked everything but it is not all put away and will take awhile to make it feel homey. We thought linens were included as the pictures showed linens on the bed, however they are not so we borrowed sheets from our big brother and will be using sweatshirts for pillows tonight. We do have blankets as I knew those were not included. Tomorrow will be a big day of shopping as there are no pots and pans, no sheets, no groceries except for a few things our big brother picked up for us.

It is definitely not home and feels like we just arrived for a 2 week vacation in a rental cottage, but we are going to work on it.

I attached a few photos of our day. The first one is of our new landlords by our new front door. The next two are of the kids in their new rooms and the last one is Eric checking out the bidet!

Again thank you for holding us up in prayer - we will need it more than ever over the next few months!

Blessings to you all,

Renee on behalf of the tired Fogg familiy

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