Friday, January 7, 2011

Things we have learned about Costa Rica - so far

The country of Costa Rica does not have/ nor use street addresses. They are set up to use landmarks. Our address is 75 meters north of La Pacifica farmacia in San Fransico de dos rios. Gas, telephone and electric bills are delivered by hand to each house and then must be paid at the local supermarket. The government has said they will have street addresses by 2020.

Costa Ricans have spotless floors! If you are cleaning a house -the floor is the most important as they believe sickness comes through your feet from the floor.

Most of the storm drain covers/grates have been stolen and sold for metal. Because we North Americans tend to walk with our heads up instead of looking where we are walking the locals (Ticos) call the open storm drains - gringo traps.

It is very rude to point to a person, slam a door of a car and blow your nose in public.

When referring to a person's height you must bend your hand so your fingers are at a 90* angle instead of a flat/palm down hand. The flat hand refers to the height of an animal.

Pedestrians have the right away but not really- walk quickly and always look both ways. Stop does not necessarily mean stop.

Four million people live in Costa Rica - 1 million of them are displaced Nicaraguans.

Facts about Latin America as told to us by a Costa Rican pastor:

  1. Average president pockets $25 million dollars during his/her presidency.
  2. 1/3 of all children are born to teenagers.
  3. 467 million people live in Latin America
  4. 40% of Venezuelan teenagers are prostitutes
  5. Military spending is 60 billion per year (Costa Rica does not have any military)
  6. The evangelical and catholic church are considered irrelevant to Latin America.

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